Transform Your Old Motor With These Top Tips

If you have an aging car that you either can’t or won’t sell, why not decide to spruce it up a bit and give it a new lease of life for the rest of its time on the road?

There are a variety of tips and tricks you can use to modernize an older vehicle and make it look and perform like a whole new motor. Many of these techniques are budget-friendly too, so you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Intrigued? Read on to discover how to rejuvenate your tired old banger overnight.

modernize old car
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Update Your Look With Personalised Number Plates

Old number plates can look dated and shabby, and if they’re in bad condition they could even cause your car to fail its next MOT. Perhaps it’s high time you treated your vehicle to some new plates. You may be pleasantly surprised by what a difference a new number plate can make to even the most jaded old car.

In fact, if you’ve got the budget for it, why not splash out on a customized plate to give your car that extra personal touch?

Perhaps one of the best parts of the number plate changing process is that, if you ever want to change yours again, you can opt to sell your personal number plates to someone else. If you make a good sale, you can use the cash to update your car even further.

Install Some Ultra-modern Tech

If it’s the interior of your car that you’re keen to update, there is a range of cutting-edge technological updates you can choose. Each of these upgrades will make your driving experience more convenient – and more enjoyable too.

A dashcam is one technological innovation that should perhaps be recommended if you don’t already have one. While we all hope that we won’t be involved in an accident, if we are and it wasn’t our fault, dashcam footage can be used as evidence to prove it. Some dashcams can even live-stream their footage to your phone, so if someone else is driving your car and you want to make sure they’re doing okay, you can keep tabs on their journey’s progress.

Of course, if you don’t want any flashy extra features, you can opt for a cheaper model and enjoy peace of mind at an affordable cost.

Another tech upgrade you may want to invest in is a reversing camera. These cameras can be particularly helpful if you are a nervous driver; if your car provides low visibility to the rear; or if it’s rather large and unwieldy. If you want to be extra cautious, you can also install parking sensors that beep if you get too close to something. Parking will never be a problem again!

Treat Your Feet To New Floor Mats

If your car’s interiors haven’t been upgraded since it rolled off the production line twenty years ago, maybe it’s time to spruce things up a bit. New floor mats may seem like a minor addition, but they can add some extra wow factor to a dull interior. If you’re hoping to sell your old vehicle, then you may also be surprised what a difference a new set can make when your prospective buyers open the doors.

Brighten Your Bulbs

If your car is on the older side, there’s a good chance its headlights have become a little dim with age – or perhaps they were simply never that bright, to begin with.

For safety reasons, as well as for a slick modern update, why not replace your flagging bulbs with some newer and more dazzling ones? Not only will they provide plenty of visibility, but they will also give your car a more futuristic look into the bargain.

While the type of bulb you can get will depend on the model of your car, there should be at least a couple of options for you to choose from.
Most vehicles these days are fitted out with halogen bulbs, which offer high levels of brightness. They come in two different colors – blue and white. The whiter the light they emit, the brighter it will be, so this could be something to bear in mind if you really want to light up the darkness during your night drives.

Another option is LED lightbulbs. These are popular with drivers who want plenty of brightness on a budget, as they are more energy-efficient and are also longer-lasting than other bulbs. Despite this, they are dazzlingly bright, so you won’t have to worry about visibility during those gloomy winter commutes.

Last but certainly not least, there are Xenon bulbs. Like LEDs, Xenons provide drivers with longevity and have lower operating temperatures, but still provide full-beam brightness no matter how dark the night. These bulbs are a good option for drivers who don’t mind spending a bit more to upgrade their old motor; bear in mind that they may also require professional installation, depending on the make of your car.

Invest In Some New Tyres

Tires experience a lot of wear and tear over time and, like badly cared for skin, they can really age a car. If they are very badly worn they can also become noisy, affect the way your car handles, and even reduce fuel economy, which means you’ll be losing money over time.

To prevent this from happening, kick your old tires to the curb and buy a new set of high-quality rubber that will really go the distance.

Wrap Your Car Up

Another tip for drivers who want to spend a bit more on their vehicle’s modernization is the wrap option.

If your older car is looking its age, with tarnished paintwork and some scuffs and marks, getting it wrapped could be the ideal way to overhaul its look, rather than having it repainted – which can be a costly job.

Consider these advantages of investing in a wrap. Not only will it transform your old banger into a glossy new vehicle overnight, but it will also help to protect your car from bumps and scratches as well as from exposure to the elements.

There are also more options to choose from, as opposed to paint. Depending on your tastes, you can opt to have your car wrapped with some eye-catching graphics or perhaps promote your business by adding its logo and your contact details. The only limits are your imagination when it comes to wraps, so if you really want to go the whole hog and revolutionize your aging car, a wrap could be just the ticket.

Revamp Your Motor With A Full Service

If it’s been a while since your older car was last serviced, it may be time to invest in a full service to make sure everything is functioning as it should.

While this may seem like an unwelcome expenditure if you’re on a budget, the truth is that investing in a once-yearly full service can save you money in the long run. For one thing, it will hopefully prevent the need for any costly repair jobs by keeping your car in good condition. A full service can even help to boost your vehicle’s fuel economy. Most importantly, however, investing in this level of care ensures your car is always safe to drive.

Give Your Old Car A New Lease Of Life

There are plenty of ways to update and improve an aging car. So, whether you have an old vehicle you’re very attached to, a car you are struggling to sell, or you simply can’t afford to invest in a new motor right now, you can rejuvenate your vehicle by upgrading both its looks and its performance with just a few simple but effective changes.

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