Crazy Car Wraps – 11 Weirdest Designs We Do Not See Often

What clothes are to a man, the wraps are to a car. You might have heard this phrase for the first time, but vehicle customization lovers know exactly what we are talking about. Customizing your vehicles with crazy car wraps is the best way to create a wow effect. Besides, these wraps are a cheap alternative to custom paints as well as to advertise your brand on the go.

With the advancement in vehicle wrap technology, more and more tuners are using wraps during their car modifications. When expertly applied, you can make your vehicle a head-turner. Otherwise, they can be confusing and annoying to some.

Crazy Car Wraps You Might Have Never Seen

Here is some crazy car wraps you can implement or build on to create a wow effect. These wraps are a cheap alternative to custom paints as well as to advertise your brand on the road.

Types of Car Wraps

Before we present you with some crazy car wraps, it is worth discussing different types of vehicle wraps. Depending on your theme, you can either go for a full or a partial wrap. A full wrap covers the whole paint of your vehicle, while customizers use a partial wrap to add graphics to a certain area on the car.

Going into details of crazy car wraps, we have different options.

  • Custom

A custom wrap is ideal if you want to add a custom message or art to your new or secondhand car. Furthermore, it is not only a cheap alternative to custom paintwork, but it also looks sharp, specialized, and stupidly inexpensive.

  • Shiny

A shiny wrap is an effortless way to give your vehicle a shiny and polished look. The only downside is the twisting element of the wrap, which may appear over time and dull the shine.

  • Satin and Matte

If you seek to use the best crazy car wraps, satin and matte are better than the shiny ones. They make the best use of the vinyl and look cool and unique.

  • Textured

Vinyl has the quality to imitate different textures ranging from mechanized brushed metal to modern carbon fiber. We can employ these to add minute details for headlights, rear-view mirrors, etc.

Car Wrap Limitations

While you can use the wrap on any vehicle, they have their own limitations. They can’t conceal deep scratches, aftermarket coating failures having an “orange peel” surface, peeling coat, evident rust, or cracking paint. Wraps will not only reveal these issues but will also be hard to get rid of without peeling off the swaths of a coat.

Furthermore, some surfaces are not efficient in supporting wraps, including rubber and ABS plastic. So, do not apply crazy car wraps on such surfaces.


1) BMW M860i Coupe Car Wrap

If you like to see the best you could achieve from custom color wrapping, watch this BMW M860i with delicate tone shifts and ideal shade placement. It is not what you can accomplish easily through paint.

r8 audi

2) Audi R8 Car Wrap

Among our crazy car wraps, this one might top the scale with its penetrating visuals and outlines.

joker themed bmw i8

3) Joker Themed BMW i8

If you have seen the Suicide Squad movie, you know how explosive the blockbuster was. The main character, Joker, played by Jared Leto, did a tremendous job with his role. Apparently, a vehicle customization aficionado was so impressed that he used a custom wrap to show the joker’s dark side.

Would someone like this car on the road, I doubt. However, it will definitely be a neck-turner and an attention-grabber.

ferrari 488 gtb

4) Re-labeled Ferrari 488 GTB

Supercar fans dream of owning and driving a Ferrari. The reason is the Italian carmaker has a history of creating the most sophisticated, high-performance cars the world has ever known. Its dominance in the Formula 1 has a long, successful history.

Although every Ferrari follows its signature design language and is a treat to watch, some owners think that’s not enough to get the attention. Enter the Supreme/Louis Vuitton edition, which looks bizarre, negating and hiding Ferrari’s whole design philosophy under the wraps.

lamborghini uru

5) Kanye West’s Lamborghini Urus

The famous music artist Kanye West has his own taste in luxury cars. He wants to look different through his bespoke creations. Out of many in his garage, we picked the Lamborghini Urus sporting a “cream-colored matte vinyl wrap fabricated by California-based experts Just A Wrap.”

Besides its unique wrapping, the significantly big wheels are a brainchild of Kanye himself, created by Boyd Coddington. In addition, the luxury SUV comes with a lower suspension and tinted windows to remain anonymous.


6) Mood-Altering Lamborghini Aventador

One of the craziest car wraps on our list comes in the shape of festival-inspired Lambo Aventador. Seeing the design, it doesn’t look street legal because it can be distracting for other drivers on the road. To complement Lambo’s overall wrapping design, the owner has also spray-colored the rims.

The styling looks ideal for driving around the Bay area as well as a few parts of Miami. Definitely, it looks like money and taste never go together.


7) Rainbow

If you think one shade is not enough for your vehicle, you can have all the colors in a pallet through this rainbow wrap. There are plenty of options, starting with rainbow stripes, checkered, random splats, and even Ombré.


8) Camouflage

We usually see camouflaged vehicles from automakers when they are trying to hide a car’s design features. Furthermore, military cars use camouflage to hide in duck blinds. With wraps, now you can use any type of camo not only on clothes and bags but also on vehicles.

animal print

9) Animal Print

We see animal prints on lots of products these days. These designs have been around since the early 18th century and mainly became popular when Europeans brought animal skins from Asia and Africa. Fast forward today, we see animal prints on clothes, bags, mobile covers, wallpapers, and even on vehicles. It looks odd on cars but does portray your character and instincts.

m3 gt2

10) Jeff Koon’s M3 GT2

Jeff Koon is well-known for his art and racing passion. With this BMW 3 GT2, he decided to join both. We won’t mind seconding you that it is not a normal car wrap for racing, but it does appear appealing, right.

Since Koon is a famous artist, we can call it one of its most innovative creations. It does not matter what skin the M3 GT2 wears, it would always remain an outstanding racecar.

wasted mclaren senna

11) Wasted McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna is a very expensive supercar with a price tag of $1,000,000. If I had this money to own a Senna, I’d never use a wrap with gorilla-wearing goggles. Gorillas may like the art, but it doesn’t amuse onlookers, especially if you employ it on a million-dollar supercar.

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