7 Most Important Vehicle Checks Before Driving Off

Going on a long drive with your family and friends is one of the most soothing activities that you can undertake and one that strengthens bonds. It is a simple but extremely fun endeavour and personally speaking, some of the best memories that I have made have been on such journeys.

most important vehicle checks before driving offYou see, there is something in the act of driving for an extended period with your loved ones that make you feel good and at peace with yourself. This is one of those rare times when you can spend quality time with people who matter, and it is an excellent way to eliminate stress as well.

Like all activities, you need to prepare sufficiently well for a long drive if you want to ensure that it is a successful and memorable one. That means you need to avoid the hassle and last-minute gasps as much as possible so that you can focus on the truly essential things: fun, adventure and love.

Here are seven things that you must keep in mind before you embark on a long drive.

1. Know Your Directions

I mention this first thing because if your sense of direction is all messed up, you will simply keep going around in circles, with no end in sight and confusion reigning supreme. You must make sure to do your homework about the destination and all accompanying paths.

You could simply Google directions on your smartphone beforehand. Or you could invest in a proper GPS system. Finally, you can always go old school and use a map on the way. In any case, you want to figure out how to reach your destination.

2. Fuel Up Accordingly

You know that you are going to be traversing a considerable distance, and deep down you also know that the chances of coming across petrol stations on the way could be slim to non-existent.

Therefore, it is always better to fuel up your vehicle to the maximum before you embark on the journey. You don’t want the car to sputter and stop all of a sudden and consequently ruin your drive. It is also advisable to keep a container or two of petrol handy.

3. Service Schedule

Check if your car is approaching mileage for next service. It’s important to have your car checked and maintained at regular intervals for longevity of your engine. You should check the car user manual as the service schedule depends upon the make, model and year of your vehicle.

If you’re travelling via a busy road, you should install the super loud air horns. These horns are exceptionally loud and would help you navigate through heavy traffic. You should also ensure all the electrical equipment is working properly in your car.

4. Check Your Lights

You can bet your wallet that there will be times during the journey when it will be dark and spooky, and that’s when you will need lights.

Thoroughly inspect your lights, be it the main ones, headlights, indicator or brake. You may test their performance yourself in a test ride before you undertake the actual long drive.

5. Spare Tires

We have already established that your whole vehicle, including the tires, must be in tip-top condition before you can be reasonably confident concerning your drive. However, one must also be proactive in this case. Even if the tires work well, you must keep at least a couple of spare ones handy; you never know when you might need them.

6. Clear Up The Boot

This may sound trivial at first, but keeping your boot devoid of unnecessary load like sports equipment, garbage and boxes will go a long way in improving your fuel efficiency. You see, the lesser the overall weight of the vehicle, the lesser the fuel expenditure.

7. Load Up On Emergency Supplies

Finally, and this goes without saying, you can’t go on a long drive without the requisite emergency supplies and equipment. Remember that the entire objective of this journey is to have as much fun as possible, and if you are not prepared for any accidents, the whole thing could take a very dark turn indeed.

Stock up on flares, fire extinguishers, medical kits and tool boxes before you set out on a soon to be a memorable ride.

Taylor Cox is the automotive editor at Cars Flow, covering all things car-related. he lives and works in Benton City, Washington.