10 Ways to Keep Your Volkswagen Well-Maintained

Keeping your car well-maintained will guarantee you years of motoring pleasure, and peace of mind! But it’s not just about an annual Volkswagen service, you’ll find that just a few small daily checks are all it takes to keep your VW in tip-top condition!

Volkswagen Well-Maintained

Here are 10 steps to keeping your Volkswagen as good as the day you drove it out of the dealership showroom:


The first thing you should check before taking any journey in your trusty VW is the tyres. Many accidents could be avoided if owners checked their tyres before departing. Have a look around the sidewall of each tyre to check for any cuts or bulges. If you find anything then the tyre should be changed as soon as possible. Also, check the tread depth – the legal minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm.

Finally, at least once a month make sure your tyre pressures are correct. Insufficient air in the tyres can cause more drag-reducing fuel efficiency and cause premature wear in the tyres.

Volkswagen Well-Maintained


Getting the oil in your car changed once a year is recommended as part of a yearly service. You should however regularly check the oil level in your car. If the oil falls below the minimum level this can result in engine damage, so make sure to top up the oil when necessary.

Volkswagen Well-Maintained


Check all of your car’s lights before any journey. Having fully working headlights and brake lights is a legal requirement. It can be useful to keep a spare set of bulbs in your car so you are able to change one if needed.


The brakes will be checked as part of your yearly service but it is a good idea to get into the habit of checking your brakes regularly. If you notice any unusual noises when braking, or shuddering and pulling to one side, get your brakes checked out as soon as possible.

Windscreen Wipers

Another legal requirement for your car is to have working wiper blades. Check them for splits and change them as soon as you notice any smears or even small scratches on your windscreen. Make sure to also keep the washer fluid topped up at all times.


Regular cleaning of your car’s bodywork will keep it looking as good as new. Your car will not only look good but cleaning it will get rid of all potentially damaging residues from the road.

Inside Your Volkswagen

Make sure to clean your car regularly. Having a clean and tidy interior will make your driving experience much more pleasurable. Also, ensure you check all the seat belts regularly for any damage and check that they all work and securely lock into the buckles. Check the auto lock feature by pulling each belt sharply.


A yearly Volkswagen car servicing is essential to keeping your vehicle in top condition. A professional service will keep your car running for years and stave off any potentially expensive repairs or dangerous problems.

No matter what VW model you own, whether it’s a car or a van, it’s a good habit to get into checking all the above points yourself. It doesn’t take long to do and could be a potential lifesaver, whilst ensuring a longer life for your vehicle, and happy times on the road!

As one of the top 5 car manufacturers in the world, Volkswagen clearly knows a thing or two about staying on top. Volkswagen’s history shows that the company continue to adapt to changes in technology, creating more economical vehicles, and offering a range of car servicing options to suit your vehicle and your wallet!

Taylor Cox is the automotive editor at Cars Flow, covering all things car-related. he lives and works in Benton City, Washington.