What Are the Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in California?

As the lighter traffic vehicles on the road, motorcycles are more prone to severe physical and financial damages resulting from unfortunate traffic accidents. Add to it the fact that most motorcycle riders do not have adequate protection while riding full speed on the roads, and it makes perfect sense how a motorcycle crash can easily have devastating consequences for the rider and passenger. According to the official statistics released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), nearly 5,000 motorcycle riders lost their lives in fatal traffic accidents, with most deaths seen in the higher age group (aged 40 and above).

Motorcycle Accidents in California

motorcycle accidents in california
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If you or your loved one got involved in a motorcycle accident in California, you might be able to pursue legal action against the party responsible for your accident. What might appear to be a simple traffic collision can significantly impact an individual and lower their quality of life, with lasting consequences for them and their families for years into the future. Enlisting the help of an experienced lawyer is one of the best ways to ensure that you will receive justice in a court of law regarding your incident.

Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

Most motorcycle accidents occur due to easily preventable causes, with the most common reason being the open violation of traffic regulations. Breaking traffic laws not only puts your life in danger but also endangers the lives of everyone else on the road. The following information will take a closer look at some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in California and the United States.


Driving at a speed higher than the recommended speed limit for a road or highway is one of the most common causes of fatal traffic accidents. Overspeeding leaves you and other drivers on the road with a smaller margin of error for mistakes, and this impacts motorcyclists the most since they are particularly vulnerable to road accidents owing to the small size of their vehicles and lack of adequate protection like a roof, chassis, or doors.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol impairs motorcycle riders’ impulses, and they become more prone to delayed reaction times on the road. Driving is an activity that requires one hundred percent focus and attention to everyone and everything surrounding your vehicle. With impaired perception due to intoxication, motorcycle riders are more likely to crash into other vehicles.

Improper Lane Switching

Improper lane switching is one of the most dangerous road practices, that, unfortunately, is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents and fatalities. A lack of signaling during lane switches can put your life in jeopardy and result in catastrophic accidents that can have a lasting impact on your physical health. In heavy traffic, the risk increases due to drivers not being able to see motorcycles in their path clearly.

Safety Hazards

Safety hazards on the road, like open potholes, broken roads, cracked pavements, and debris, can cause motorcycle riders to quickly lose control of their vehicles, resulting in serious physical injuries. Similarly, a slippery road due to snow or rainfall can also cause a motorcycle rider to spiral out of control and skid toward oncoming traffic.


Motorcycle accidents are some of the most dangerous forms of traffic accidents in the United States. The lack of protection and vulnerability due to an open vehicle puts motorcyclists at a greater risk of accidents and physical injury as compared to car or truck drivers. Most deaths due to motorcycle accidents can be avoided with protective elements like helmets, which all states require motorcycle riders to wear. Flagrant violations of traffic laws can put you and everyone else in grave danger and an elevated risk of serious physical harm and death.

If you or your loved one got involved in a motorcycle accident, you might be able to sue the negligent driver. Through a lawsuit, you can obtain fair financial compensation for your physical injuries, emotional damage, and financial loss. An experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer at Salamati Law Firm can help you get your legal affairs in order and obtain the compensation you deserve for your incident. Most reputable law firms offer a free initial consultation during which you can explain your case and assess your future legal options.

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