Five Ways to Source Cheaper Equipment for Your Garage or Workshop

Whether you want to source press brakes, lathes, shears, jacks, or any other kind of equipment for your garage or workshop, you’re sure to want to be able to find quality tools and machinery at the lowest prices.

Cheaper Equipment for Your Garage

cheaper equipment for your workshop
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So, check out the following five ways in which you can source cheaper equipment.

1. Look for Used Machinery Online

One surefire way of finding cheaper equipment for your garage or workshop is to buy used items. You just need to make sure that the equipment is in good working order.

Therefore, you should buy from a reputable vendor who can provide you with details like the service histories and maintenance records of equipment. The easiest way of doing that is to look for used machinery online. For example, check out what Revelation Machinery has available.

The nationwide company has a massive stock of both used and surplus machinery and it has nurtured a network of manufacturers over the years to make the buying and selling of affordable tools and machinery simple.

2. Buy at Auction

Another way of buying the equipment you need for an inexpensive price is to bid on items at auction.

You could look on online auction sites like eBay or visit an auction house in person. Also, many brick-and-mortar auctioneers have online sites where you can place bids at live auctions.

Whether you go with an online or offline auction, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for more easily if you use an auction house that specializes in tools and machinery.

Though, there are drawbacks to going to an auction to source equipment. For instance, you may not be able to know how good the condition of the equipment is to ensure it’s in full working order, and you could get outbid on the items you want to buy.

3. Keep an Eye on Sales of New Equipment

You have the potential to purchase new equipment for cheaper when you keep an eye on the latest offers, sales, and discounts from reputable vendors.

However, you may have to wait around and keep checking various sellers to take advantage of special offers and sales. So, if you need your equipment quickly, the second-hand market will probably be a better option.

4. Look Further Afield

If you want to buy new equipment at the cheapest price, it could be worth looking further afield. Other countries may have the tools and machinery you’re after for a less expensive price than you can find at home.

But you will need to spend time researching different markets to see which places generally have equipment for cheaper prices. You’ll also need to consider the cost of shipping.

5. Visit Flea Markets

Whether you have a little workshop or a large detached garage, when it comes to buying smaller pieces of equipment, you could pick up used items in good condition at flea markets. Though, it could be difficult to check whether the equipment is in good working order.

Typically, it’s best to use flea markets to buy small hand tools and go elsewhere for equipment that needs to be plugged in.

The Takeaway

You should look at your priorities to determine which of the above options is best for you.

To ensure you get quality equipment that functions well, it’s probably best to look for used machinery online. With a reputable vendor, you can be sure that the equipment works properly and comes with accompanying documentation.

But if you’re in no hurry to purchase the equipment you need and finding the lowest price is your top priority, you could potentially find cheaper equipment by buying at auction, looking for sales of new equipment, sourcing from other countries, or visiting flea markets.

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