Involved in A Sudden Stop Car Accident: Reasons & Necessary Actions To Take

Sudden stop accidents occur when you suddenly apply the brakes to stop the car, giving less time to other drivers behind, and an accident occurs as a result. Such accidents can cause severe injuries and can be more painful, especially if someone’s negligence caused it. Sudden stop accidents often result in rear-end collisions, with one car slamming into the other.

Reasons For Sudden Car Stop Accidents

sudden stop accidents
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In such cases, the liability is a tricky thing to prove. This blog discusses the reasons behind sudden stop accidents and how to file an auto accident lawsuit to recover the maximum compensation amount.

Negligent Driving

There can be several reasons for a driver distraction, which can lead to sudden hard braking and a resulting collision. Several distractions can endanger the reasonable duty of care of the driver. This includes multitasking, texting while driving, dealing with the children, using a navigation system, changing the route on GPS, playing songs and more.

Unable To Keep A Safe Following/Stopping Distance

Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you is essential to safe driving. It is advised to maintain the standard of at least a three-second following distance to help avoid risky situations. However, the distance to the vehicle in front is also determined by speed and weather conditions. For example- you need more space when it’s raining or snowing.

Additionally, if your car is driving at a faster speed, it takes longer to come to a complete stop. Therefore, you must keep enough distance between you and the vehicle in front.

Defective Brake Lights

It is important to ensure that your brake lights are in working condition. Test your brake lights regularly and check the fuse system. If your brake lights are defective and you apply a brake suddenly, the drivers behind you may not have enough time to stop. The result is slow braking and possible slamming into the rear of the car.

Ignoring The Signs Of Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Inadequate vehicle maintenance can lead to old, worn-out, and defective parts, resulting in a loss of control of the vehicle. There can be many indicators of a poorly maintained vehicle-

  • Broken lights
  • Tires without enough tread or worn out & inflated
  • Worn-out windshield wiper blades
  • The car is misaligned
  • Power steering system failure

In any of these scenarios, it will be difficult for the driver to stop in time. It’s the duty of a driver to keep their car in good condition. If you were involved in an accident and you can prove that the other driver did not service their vehicle, you may be able to file a claim.

Road Hazards

Road hazards can occur for many reasons, including bad weather, potholes, protruding objects, etc. Hazards can result in sudden stops if drivers do not take reasonable steps to anticipate them and act in time. When someone is driving, it is their responsibility to be careful.

Steps To Take After A Sudden Stop Accident

  1. If you or someone else has been injured, the most important step is to get medical treatment. Even if you do not believe you require emergency medical assistance, it is advisable to consult with a medical practitioner.
  2. Make sure you safely park the vehicle if it’s in a moving condition. Turn on the lights to indicate the ongoing traffic of an accident.
  3. You will need to exchange insurance information with other drivers and collect the contact info of the witnesses and drivers.
  4. If you have a smartphone, take photos and videos of the accident site.

Personal Injury Claim After A Sudden Stop Accident

Filing a personal injury claim in a sudden-stop accident is complicated, and the liability can be difficult to prove. If you were the driver behind and got into an accident because of a sudden stop, the driver in front could argue that you failed to maintain a safe following distance. These cases are tricky, so it is advised to seek legal representation.

With the help of an attorney, you may be able to claim expenses for injuries and emotional suffering. Gathering the necessary evidence may be difficult, but the relevant legal team can file a case on your side.

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