MOVEO Electric Scooter with Folding Features

The Electric cars are common now but electric scooter but having the folding features is no doubt impressive phenomenon and MOVEO presented this scooter for 35 kilometers. Its weigh is 25 kg and top speed is 45 km/h, the battery range is 35km and empty battery can charge within one hour, there is no problem of parking because you can fold it after reaching the destination easily and take with you like the suitcase. Its close design is protective and easy that you can fold it within some time and its all structure shows as case box that which you take in any building.


MOVEO decided to make 15,000 scooters annually and there are two cases for purchasing the end user net price of MOVEO would be US$3,100 and in the second case this price would be $4,600, after one year the production of MOVEO scooter ramp up for the bigger scale. The scooter has an eco-economical features and no fuel so it is best vehicle for the people who goes to offices near to houses because its capacity is enough for these type of people and after reaching the office they can charge it in 1-hour.


The MOVEO’s achievement will increase this trend in future because the electric cars were also come with the little features but now it have become a trend and people like it, now the electric cars have same features like the petrol or gasoline engines. The company decided to expand this business with the hope that in future electric scooters and motor cycles will trend of the world.


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