New 2014 Kia Niro Concept Made Its First Appealing Showcase

Chopped out from the Hyundai subsidiary, the highly dashing and attractive 2014 Niro Concept by Kia has been major sensational news for the car lovers. The model has got everything that a car model for the near future must have. Equipped with the highly gorgeous color, attractive finish and excellent exterior are what catch the attention at the first glance.

The designer of Kia has blended a muscular look in the model, making it highly boy kind of thing, but at the same time attractive for girls as well. On the technical front, this concept model is loaded with advanced propulsion system in the combination of the 1.6L “Gamma” Engine to boost up the model at an exceedingly swift rate within a few seconds. The model has equipped with the modern gadgets including the Hi-Tech WI-Fi integration and the Bluetooth for on – the – move communication. Although, there are not much specification yet revealed by the officials, the model  describes many of its own.

2014 Kia Niro Concept

The turbulently fast engine and advanced integration are not the only advancements that make it a dashing model. The upside opening of door and highly muscular model is supported by the Tweel Technology, giving the broad Wheelbase with flat ground grip. In short, the model is just the muscular bundle of the advanced modifications, including the central exhaust system that takes the outlet through the Internal Combustion Engine and let it safely reside under the cape.

The sleek and elegant interiors include the high modular placement of the control panel with the advanced touch screen to control the entire features of the model. Altogether, the features make it highly stunning and a real futuristic concept car with awesome outlook. The Kia 2014 Niro Concept is no doubt a real masterpiece by the expert designer that will make its way to the global Automobile Market in one way or the other.

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