Brand New 2015 Legacy By Subaru Made Stunning Showcase

The brand new 2015 Legacy model has made a striking appearance in the showcase in the Auto Expo 2014. The specialty of the model is its high Fuel Efficiency and All Wheel Drive along with an improved EyeSight system for the rear radar, making it a highly advanced car radar system of its class.

On the technical front, the 4 Cylinder and the 6 Cylinder BOXER Engine are equipped in the 2015 Legacy, model with CVT technology that makes it highly awesome for those who love the combination of speed and technology in their car. The technical integration of such an advanced engine gives the fuel economy of 30 mpg on an average standard. The sedan of the same size in such a high fuel economy often comes only in the front wheel drive which makes it too boring and unsuitable for many people. However the new 2015 Legacy by Subaru, no doubt, outwits all such models.

2015 Subaru Legacy

The interiors of the model are designed by keeping mind the comfort and lavish luxury. The 4 seat passenger drive is highly enjoyable when it is loaded with the perforated leather upholstery and highly sleek and sophisticated driver’s seat. The advanced climate control system of the new 2015 Legacy, Subaru makes it a real royal stuff as it includes the seat heating system along with the centralized AC system with a special ventilation system.

Apart from the illuminated exterior, the model is loaded with lots of other safety features including the Keyless Access, Airbags, Collision Prone zone detection system and many others. Even the indicators are designed with a highly sophisticated signaling system for taking turns and drive back. There is no doubt that the 2015 Legacy, Subaru model is highly awesome and will get a huge welcome when released in 2015. However, there are words about the price of the model yet.

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