The Best New Cars for 2022

Despite Coronavirus, microchip shortages, and a dearth of HGV drivers, 2022 is set to be a stellar year for new cars.

But before your search for a new car begins, it’s worth checking how much your current car is worth. You should definitely ask a website to ‘value my car’ beforehand.

If you’ll be in the market for a new car next year, the UK is a great place to be, and this article is a great one to be reading.

Oh, and before we forget, hybrid and electric cars are becoming more popular year on year. So it’s worth researching how that will fit into your lifestyle before taking the plunge on a new car.

Nissan Qashqai hybrid

nissan qashqai hybrid

The new Nissan Qashqai is already available to order. However, the hybrid version, the one worth waiting for, isn’t arriving until next year.

In case you haven’t seen it, there’s a new Nissan Qashqai out. The Washington-built crossover now features a whole new look and up-to-date tech like Google street view.

The new hybrid is special because the engine acts as a generator to charge a battery pack, which then powers the wheels. No firm details yet, but the system is proving very popular in Japan.

Ineos Grenadier

ineos grenadier

We bet you’ve heard of Ineos, but not in this context. The Grenadier is the first car to be made by the petrochemical maker.

It’s pitched as a rugged, no-nonsense, and functional 4×4 with an interior to match. It’s made for people who think the Land Rover Defender is now too posh for its own good.

The Ineos Grenadier will be supplied with BMW engines and an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

BMW ix

bmw ix

The BMW iX is the Munich-based company’s future flagship vehicle. It’s all-electric and internet forums are already awash with chat on how it looks. If you like BMW’s latest fad with big kidney grilles, you’ll love this iX.

BMW claims its 100kWh battery will enable the car to travel 373 miles between charges. Total power is 500hp, allowing the car to sprint from 0-62mph in less than five seconds.

We also know that BMW will initially offer the iX in two model variants.

Tesla Cybertruck

tesla cybertruck

Zany futurologist and Tesla CEO Elon Musk first unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck way back in 2019.

But several things (covid and production issues for a start) have forced production back. However, 2022 should be the year we finally see it on the road.

The all-electric pickup truck is all about the numbers. It claims an electric range of 500 miles and a sub-six second 0-60mph time. No firm news on prices yet, mind you.

Porsche Macan electric

porsche macan electric

Interestingly, the electric Macan will sit on a different platform from the petrol-powered one. It’s been spied testing, but so far it seems as though it’ll look much like the Macan.

What do we know for definite? Well, the electric version will be a five-door SUV and it’ll be rapid.

Apart from that, it’s all up in the air. For reference, Porsche reckons half of its new cars will be electric by 2025…

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