Why Dash Cams Usage is on The Increase

With over 40 million cars on UK roads, the chances of being involved in some sort of accident increases every year. As a result of growing concerns by drivers, there’s been a massive uptick in the number of dash cams being installed, with a recent study suggesting that one in five ( 17%) drivers currently use a dash cam and a further 30% plan on using one in the near future.

Reasons Your Car Needs a Dash Cam

dash cams usage
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Why are they being used?

Dash cams are becoming popular with drivers for a number of reasons. The main one being that the use of a dash cam video following an accident can help with insurance claims. It’s not only the success of an insurance claim that a dash cam can assist with. It’s been shown that drivers with dash cams are around 33% safer behind the wheel.

If having a positive impact on driving wasn’t enough, installing a dash cam can help make car insurance cheaper. With some motorists finding that their insurance decreases by as much as 20%.

Disadvantages of dash cam use

Of course, for every advantage, some motorists have found several disadvantages for owning a dash cam. Being distracted by the dash cam is the main complaint. Because they are positioned on either the windscreen or dashboard, they can create a blind spot for drivers.
In addition, dash cams could be a target for theft. Because dash cams are left in plain sight.

Depending on the model of your dash cam, there is a potential risk to your privacy. Some dash cams are Wi-Fi enabled and there’s a potential for the footage stored on the devices to be hacked. Should you be involved in an accident and your footage is vital evidence, your device could become a target.

How to choose a dash cam?

If you’re looking to buy a dash cam there are a few things you should consider.

Video quality: High Definition (1080p) equipment with nigh vision capabilities and a high-quality lens will offer you the clearest video footage. You might also want to consider a camera with motion detectors which will start capturing video of any approaching threats regardless of whether you’re driving or not.

Connectivity and storage: Choosing a camera with larger memory cards will ensure you’re able to store more video footage before being downloaded. This is particularly useful for businesses and drivers who spent a lot of time on the road. Wi-Fi enabled devices make it easier to download footage.

Ultimately, installing a dash cam helps give you and other drivers peace of mind and can help contribute to safer roads overall.

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