New Nissan IDx Freeflow And IDx NISMO Concept Cars Are Ready To Go Thrill And Thunderous

The highly advanced and futuristic Nissan IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO concept models are ready to go through the series of the media preview after the thrilling performance over the track in southern California. The whole series of the race will be traceable using the hash tag #IDxinSOCal. These evolutionary concept car models will also be displayed in the showcase on the streets of Venice and in the Los Angeles. The model will be shown in Venice at 31 Jan from 4 to 10 pm, while the same models will be in Los Angeles on 1 Feb at the Cars and Coffee in Irvine, Venice.

Experts describe that the methods of buying cars are rapidly changing. The people are more polarized for the car models that are highly conceptual and resemble the day to day e-style of their life. This is what exactly the cool Nissan IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO concept models are designed for. The interiors of the models are a perfect blend of the beauty and style along with the proper comfort just like the luxury cars of the future. In fact, the attractive look of the model is designed with the side bumpers that provide the pleasant look from all angles. The model frame is designed with the lustrous metal frame with bright red color and blue stitching.

Nissan IDx Freeflow concept

The superb Nissan IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO concept models have been designed with the all new technical integrations including the powerful engine and modern gadgets for making the interiors highly comfortable and appealing, giving full luxurious comfort at the high speed on the track. This is what makes these models unique from all other concept models of Nissan.

Nissan IDx NISMO concept

Both the concept models are designed by extending the previous generation of the race cars and adding the little bit of road cars’ look. However, the model often gets the interaction of the race car engines with highly advanced stabilization technology. However, the full specifications are not yet revealed by the officials. The updates of the all the possible events between the 30 Jan and 2 Feb will be updated on the Facebook and Twitter pages of the famous brand Nissan.

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