Lotus E22 Makes News with Unusual Design

The Lotus E22 is Formula One racing car designed by Lotus to compete in the 2014 Formula One Season. The car has made news when the latest pictures were tweeted by Nick Chester, Technical Director, Lotus. Compared to the usual pencil or dolphin shaped nose, which is considered to be the optimized design for any F1 car, E22 carries a two- pronged nose. Analysts are not only confused about the fact that how is it going to improve the performance of the car, they are even questioning the legitimacy of the design and whether the design conforms to the FIA regulations.

Lotus E22

As per Chester,” Absolutely, as you know we have passed all the necessary crash tests and we are very confident that our design complies with all the FIA legal requirements – we have just taken an innovative direction and one that’s different to the other teams”.


Whether the design is approved and the innovation is going to bring a positive change to F1 car designing arena is yet to be seen but the unconventional styling has definitely created spurs and made E22 a much awaited launch car for this F1 season.

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