Preparing to Sell Your Motorcycle

Sell Your Motorcycle

Have you been thinking, “I would like to sell my motorcycle and upgrade to a newer model”? First, you need to decide how you are going to sell your motorcycle. Are you going to try to sell it to a dealership, through a private sale, or through a company that specializes in buying used and junk vehicles. Once you have this figured out, the next thing you need to do is prepare the bike for sale. Here are some tips to ensure that you will get top dollar for your used motorcycle.

sell your motorcycle
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Be Prepared to Give Details

If you don’t already, it is a good idea to learn all about your motorcycle, inside and out. That way, if potential buyers have any questions, you will have no problem answering them. If you are unable to answer certain questions, buyers may lose interest and move on to the next deal. The more you can tell them about the bike, the more they are going to be interested in learning even more and taking it for a test ride.

Something else you should be able to tell potential buyers past history of the motorcycle. Make sure that they know if it has been in any accidents. If you bought it used and are not sure about its history, it is easy enough to get a report on the bike from your local department of motor vehicles.

Have the Documentation Ready

  • Whether you are the actual owner of the motorcycle, or if you are selling it for someone else, you need to have proof of ownership before you can sell it. Make sure that you have the registration, so you can sign ownership over to the person who wants to buy it.

Safety Certification

To prove that the motorcycle is indeed roadworthy, you should have a valid safety certification. Have the bike inspected before you put it up for sale. This is actually going to allow you to get a better price for it, because potential buyers will know that they don’t have to do any work on it to make it roadworthy. If there are problems with the bike and you don’t have a safety inspection done, make sure that you are selling it as-is. That way, the buyer can’t come back and say that you ripped them off, because they were already aware that there were issues that needed to be taken care of before they could drive the bike.

Remove Custom/Extra Parts

If you have added any custom parts that you spent a lot of money on, you may want to remove them prior to selling the motorcycle. That way, you can sell these parts separately and make more money. Another option is to leave the parts on the bike, but ask a higher price. You will need to explain to potential buyers why the cost is higher, and you should have proof of payment so they can see how much the custom parts cost.

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