Tesla is Similar to Apple in 2000, Says Tesla’s Newest Executive

“Tesla is identical to Apple in 2000,” says George. “Tesla has a great product, lots of innovation in the pipeline, and we just need to teach customers about the company.” Tesla is the new Apple says George Blankenship, another Tesla official will’s identity driving the organization’s retail procedure.
George did likewise at Apple for a long time, managing where new Apple stores were opened.

Tesla is Similar to Apple in 2000

On an abnormal state, the Apple-Tesla correlation bodes well. Apple and Tesla are both tech organizations, attempting to showcase new goes up against old items. For the two organizations, it’s tied in with building up the brand with clients.

In 2000, Apple was simply turning out with the iPod, which was another, costly item. “The iPod resembled a white block,” says George, so Apple expected to get the item before individuals to show them what it was.

On closer examination, the correlation doesn’t generally hold up. Indeed, even a costly iPod is moderate. A $100,000 Roadster from Tesla isn’t. “I’m considering 2019,” says George. “It’s critical to teach individuals,” so they’re prepared when Tesla offers the less expensive Model S, and different models.

Notwithstanding the correlation between the organizations, Blankenship has taken a genuine swallow of the Tesla Kool-Aid. “Tesla characterizes an insurgency. We’re changing the world here.”

San Antonio native Brenton Nallie is a car enthusiast who enjoys writing about different truck gadgets.