All You Need To Know To Be Streets Ahead Of All The Other Drivers

So you see yourself as a professional car driver? You’ve got the flash car and many passengers have commented on your wide variety of skills? You’re the driver they all want to be. Head honcho number 1. So why don’t you get all the gadgets and gizmos to go with your image? My, this could definitely be your piece de resistance.

So what can you buy and where can you go to make yourself look like a car enthusiast’s James Bond? Well first of all, let’s look at your music system. How you love to boom out some Lynyrd Skynyrd as you tap your steering wheel repeatedly. You are the epitome of cool. The bees of knees. But what is that hunk of junk you’ve got in there? Slim down and get a proper CD player man. This is 2016. We are not in the 1980’s now, no matter how fun they were. So get on your favourite CD or even better, plug in your iPod and click on shuffle. Your car will never hear so much singing. However, fight the urge to choose your music whilst driving as that’s not a sensible professional car driver would do now is it?

professional car driver

Image Credit: Ford Europe

Yes, you may have the latest smart phone like Lewis Hamilton does but do you think he loses his car in the local supermarket car park? With an essential Automatic Parked Car Finder which connects to your phone via bluetooth, you won’t go through this embarrassing situation again. And just so you know it doesn’t break the bank balance either so you can get those cool driving gloves you always dreamed of.

As you’re a car lover, the favourite place in your house is obviously the garage and what a joy it is to come back from a day of driving your pride and joy about and park it up. But why do the doors never open like you want them to? Why do they always stop halfway up? This isn’t what happens to a professional. I’m pretty sure about that. So what can we do about it? Well you obviously need a reputable garage door opener that you can function from your car. You’re much too cool to get out and open them yourself. Stay in the driver’s seat like a boss. So flick through reviews like GarageAutomatics and choose the best one for you.

You’re such a hot driver that you wish you could cool down whilst driving. Well now you can as car retailers have now recently started selling heated and cooled seat cushions to make your driving experience as perfect as possible. Knowing how good you are now with gizmos and gadgets, why don’t you jump to the front of the queue? You’re a natural. You’re the attraction of the street. Kids look up to you, women want to kiss you and men want to have a pint with you. But only when you’ve finished driving for the day.