Project Visio.M, A Great Effect to Save The Environment

The pollution in the environment has become the big problem for the World and due to this problem, BMW decided to increase the use of Electric vehicles in the World so the use of electric cars powered by electricity from renewable energy sources are an attractive option for mobility within the urban area and beyond. The running electric cars are very much expensive due to costly electric motors so within joint research project Visio.M scientists at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen, in cooperation with engineers from automotive industry will develop and produce electric vehicles which will be efficient, safe and inexpensive.

In the production of these cars the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research funded 10.8 million euro. The cars which are running with gasoline and electric batteries are with heavy and expensive, according to the engineers and scientists the small cars are not able to get the level enabling them to achieve a significant share of the mass market. The cooperation of Visio.M and TU Muenchen will bring a very safe, efficient and large production in the future with minimal weight and combustion engine.

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