The New BMW X1 Launched

The BMW is a famous auto company for luxurious cars in the World and it presented its BMW X series before two or half year and now it is presenting with the new technology and upgrade features. The engineers of the company struggled hard to increase the interior performance and made the New BMW X1. This car has beautiful and strong metallic body structure and the relationship between performance and fuel consumption has been further optimized, it’s all features which about engineers announced before are according to the demand.

The BMW X1 has TwinPower Turbo technology, an eight-speed automatic transmission, Auto Start-Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration, ECO PRO mode, wider range and Efficient Dynamic technology. Its output range comprises by three petrol and five diesel units an output range of 85Kw/116 hp to 180kW/245 hp. The BMW X1 also offers innovative and individual possibilities  for the exterior and interior features, the comfort, safe, variable, basic trim level, harmoniously matched design, agility, dynamics and wide cabin all features make it different to others.

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