Roadtrip Or Train Trip?

Roadtrips are what many people dream of doing in the summertime. We all wish we could just pack up our things, leave work or school and set off on the open road. The idea of having the freedom to go wherever we want and do whatever we want is just exhilarating.

People love roadtrips because it gives you the freedom to simply hire a big hippy van or Citroen Cars for a week, roll out of bed and set off on holiday. There’s no stressing about passports, waiting for taxis and running for the plane. It’s a flexible way to holiday. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of a roadtrip over any other form of travel?

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The beauty of car travel is that you are beating to your own drum. You don’t need to accommodate for anyone else, and this means you can do what you want. If you see a park and fancy stretching your legs you can do it. If you want to use the bathroom, go ahead! You can set off whenever and stop off whenever. You can even bring your pet with you!

The Views

Being in a car means that you are instantly close to the windows and you can see in every direction. When you are on a plane or a train, you can only see one side, if you even near the window at all. In a car you can see everything passing by as you cruise through the country. You’ll see cute little villages, stunning scenes and huge cities as you make your way to your destination.

Money Saving

Having the control over your holiday means that you will not be overspending on flights, train tickets or hotels. You can stop off wherever you like for the night, and you will be able to avoid all of those travel costs you’d normally have. Yes, you will need to pay for fuel, but this is much cheaper than a flight.



The main issue with travelling by car instead of another form of transport is the speed. It will take you much much longer to get to where you want to go if you drive, as opposed to taking the train or a plane.

The Weather

You could plan the perfect summer trip with hiking days and beach trips, but ultimately the weather can scupper your plans and leave you trapped in the car for the week. You can of course find other things to do, it can just be a bit of a downer.

Hidden Costs

Fuel, food, hotel stays… no trip is completely free, and there will be certain costs involved in travelling by road which could leave you out of pocket.

In conclusion, travelling by car is like any other form of travel. There will always be pros and cons for everything, but what matters is the experience you get out of it. If you fancy travelling in a different way this year, try going on the road instead of the train or a plane.

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