All You Should Know About Salvage Title Cars

A salvage title car is a car that is beyond repair. This type of car has seventy-five percent damage or the cost of repair will be more than its initial buying price. The owner of the car will sell them to an insurance company at a lower price whereby the insurance company will use it as repair spares or rebrand it and sell it to an interested customer at a low price. These cars might have been involved in an accident, flood, or fire. These vehicles will be totaled, the car owner has been a pain the claim, and the tags have been turned in from the car. Once all these are done the car is given a salvage title. A salvage title insurance is a policy that covers these types of vehicles.

How to Value Salvage Title Cars

salvage title cars
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Are Salvage Title Cars Worth It?

These cars may look like good deals but they are not worth it at all. Getting to deal with the challenges of understanding this salvage title and deciding whether you should buy the car is one of the highest risks to take. Remember you are buying a car that has been declared unroadworthy and it is somehow beyond repair by salvage title insurance. You may imagine the risks that you are putting yourself in. you cannot buy this type of car and keep hoping that it will get to its original condition this is just some false hope.

Are Salvage Title Cars Bad?

These types of cars are not all bad but they have been involved in major wrecks, floods, or fires. Salvage title insurance has totaled them. Be careful when trying to figure out if salvage tile is a bad investment.

Salvage car insurance follows different ways when determining the worth of the salvage title cars and because of this some of the cars that are still good can be totaled. Remember that you can purchase their type of car but you are going against the salvage title insurance which has come to a decision that the car is not worth fixing.

These types of cars have some advantages and advantages for a person that might consider buying them. These are:


  • Salvage cars cost relatively less compared to the original ones: You may save some cash when you buy a salvage car rather than buying its original type. This is because the salvage title insurance has totaled it and reduced the price due to depression and damage costs.
  • You might be lucky and get a car with less damages: Some of the good cars might be totaled without clearly checking them by the salvage car insurance which might be your luck to get this car. You should consider yourself the lucky one if you get this one because they are very rare.


  • It might be difficult or costly to repair the car: Remember that you are buying a car that has already been declared beyond repair by the salvage title insurance, you can imagine how it will cost you to repair it or it might as well not be repairable at all. You will have lost your money that you would have rather bought something better. Some of the damages cannot be easily detected which will make repairing it hard.
  • Once the car has a salvage title it is forever.: Whenever a vehicle is totaled and is branded salvage by the salvage title insurance the brand will remain on the title forever. Even if you bring back the car into its normal working conditions and running conditions it will never change the brand. In most countries, after you return the vehicle to its normal working conditions, it will be inspected and approved to operate legally on the road and will be rebranded as ‘rebuilt’ but remember everyone still knows that your car was once a salvage.
  • Insurance will be hectic: Many insurance companies are reluctant in writing a comprehensive or collision on rebuilt vehicles that are formerly salvaged vehicles. This is because they are not sure if you are involved in an accident the insurer will not be able to determine if the damage is a result of the accident previous one or the current one. In addition, the vehicle had earlier been involved in an accident thus it has a higher chance of causing another accident again.

Steps to follow when buying a salvage car

  1. Locate and purchasing a car having a salvage tittle-this is an obvious step to take. There are many places that sell these types of cars.
  2. Take a lot of photos of the car-take as many photos of the car before and after the repairs. This will help to convince that this car was really involved in an accident and show the areas that had been damaged.
  3. Keep all the records, receipts, and all documents you have to keep proper records because they will be needed for the car to be inspected and licensed. In some places, they might need that you buy new parts for specific areas which will be verified by seeing the receipts.
  4. Take the car for inspection-after finishing repairing all the parts take the car to an agency that is certified to inspect salvage cars.
  5. Register the car in your name-after going all the above steps you will be given a rebuilt title. Then do this last step by registering the car in your name.
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