Important Parts to Remove Before Selling Your Junk Car

If you’re someone who has an old and damaged car slowly rusting away, selling your junk car can be a profitable option. You may love your car but there can be many reasons why you would want to get rid of it. You might want to upgrade to a more recent model, you might be facing certain safety issues with the car, or it may simply not function properly.

If this is the case, you should consider getting in touch with local reputable scrap car buyers. For instance, if you live in the south-central portion of Arizona, you can sell your junk car in Phoenix to minimize transportation costs and get your money upfront.

However, before selling it to a junk car buyer or contacting the tow truck company to pick up your junk car, there are certain valuable parts that you need to remove, some items you need to hold on to, and some that you might want to sell separately.

This way, you won’t only make a profit from selling a scrap of a car, but you’ll also make some extra cash from selling the extra parts.

Tips For Selling Your Junk Car

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Below, we share a list of essential car parts to remove before selling your junk car.

1. GPS System

A GPS is a highly functional component in a vehicle but also a very valuable one that you should take out and sell before making the final sale of your junk car. GPS devices that haven’t been used often can be sold at a fantastic price and you can make a significant amount of money from them. However, the selling price for a portable GPS would not be as good as the price for an inbuilt GPS, if it’s still intact and has all of the major components included.

2. Fenders

The fenders of your junk car are another valuable item that can give you really good money. A fender is a part of the car’s body responsible for the protection of the wells of the wheels and the car’s undercarriage. This part protects the car’s components, as well as other road users including pedestrians, from being struck by flying dirt and stones from the car’s tires while you’re driving. Thanks to their streamlined design, the fenders also improve the car’s aerodynamic properties.

It’s a good idea to sell the fenders of your car individually because many car owners are on the lookout for old fenders to purchase. Therefore, if your car fenders are in excellent condition, you should consider putting them for sale individually.

3. Airbags

Airbags for passenger vehicles are an integral part of every car, keeping passengers safe while they’re on the road. Having an airbag installed in a vehicle can be pricy, and sometimes it can even exceed the amount of $1000. For his reason, many car owners who need to get their airbags replaced go to junk dealers to find the right airbags systems that are still functional and can provide the same safety solutions, but at a lower cost than a new system. If your junk car happens to have the appropriate airbag system that someone else is searching for, there are excellent chances that you can rake in a couple of hundred dollars.

4. Battery

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Another valuable part that you can sell from your junk car is the battery and it can certainly give you a large amount of money. Many people are searching for a second-hand car battery for different reasons, so even when the battery is dead, you can still make some cash from it.

4. Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is the part of the exhaust system that converts harmful emissions from the engine into harmless substances. Without the catalyst, three substances would be released and harm the environment. These substances are hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.

Every car manufactured after 1975 must have one of these systems and today, car owners cannot renew the tabs on their cars if their catalytic converters and exhaust systems aren’t properly working. Therefore, if your car has one, take it to an auto recycler and they will be glad to compensate you for it on the spot.

5. Cooling System

Repairing a car’s cooling system can easily cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. This is why many car owners choose not to get auto air conditioning repair. However, if you find a trusted mechanic to remove the cooling system, you can sell it for good money.

Final Words

If you’re looking to sell your junk car, you have an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash from its components. Make sure to remove certain valuable items before taking your junk car to the junkyard for sale as you can make some potential quick cash.

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