Tire Blowout Accidents: Can You Receive Compensation For Damage?

Tire blowouts can be terrifying and can occur for a variety of reasons. Your tire may have been ruptured due to hitting a pothole, debris, or other road hazards. Tire blowouts can result in major accidents. There is a slim possibility of avoiding a collision unless a vehicle can respond to the blowout immediately and move off the road.

dangers of a tire blowout
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There are a few dangers of a tire blowout to be aware of. The driver can lose control of the car due to the violent blowout, crashing into another car, or damaging stationary property. A car might even swerve into pedestrians due to a tire rupture. Unfortunately, these collisions can result in severe injuries or even fatalities, and it can be difficult to pursue compensation for tire blowout damage.

Tire Blowout Accident

This article outlines all the factors that can influence compensation after a tire blowout accident.

Auto Insurance Coverage for Tire Blowouts

Comprehensive insurance protects against incidents involving tire blowouts. This insurance is utilized when your car sustains damage that wasn’t caused by an accident or collision. If you are involved in an incident that wasn’t the result of a collision, comprehensive insurance may pay for your car’s damages.

However, having comprehensive insurance does not ensure that a tire blowout would be covered. It is generally not regarded as a coverage circumstance if there was damage to your tire and not to your car.

Determining Liability

If a tire blowout caused a serious injury or significant car damage without any fault of your own, you might be able to hold the irresponsible person or parties accountable for your losses.

  • Vehicle’s Owner: Owners of vehicles have a responsibility to ensure routine maintenance of their vehicles. Liability may rest with the car owner if an underinflated tire causes any harm in a collision.
  • Tire Manufacturer: Manufacturers have a responsibility to guarantee the usability and safety of their products. The manufacturer might be held accountable if a faulty or poorly constructed tire causes a tire blowout on the road.
  • Tire Retailer: If a tire retailer intentionally sold a damaged tire or marketed an old or used tire as a new one, they may be at fault. Tire retailers are responsible for adhering to recalls or else risk liability if they continue to sell recalled tires.
  • Government Agency: The government body that planned the road or the organization maintaining it may be held accountable if bad road conditions result in a tire blowout.
  • Auto Repair: If a tire was put improperly or the wrong tire was mounted to the car, the auto repair business may be at fault. Any of these events could result in a tire blowout, a serious collision, or both.


According to a recent study, tire blowouts are responsible for around 6.7% of accidents. It is, therefore, crucial to take all reasonable steps to prevent tire blowouts. Following these six precautionary measures, you may prevent a fatal tire blowout accident.

  • Avoid risky driving zones.
  • Tire rotation
  • Get your tires professionally inspected once a year
  • Change your tires regularly
  • Select the right size tire
  • Balancing and alignment

Legal Assistance

After an accident, you can get assistance from a lawyer who can explain your alternatives for pursuing compensation. Your lawyer can also assist you in filing a claim with your PIP provider or a third-party claim with the other driver’s insurance carrier. Based on the specifics of your case and the costs you’ve incurred, the lawyer can assist you in determining the worth of your case or the amount of money you intend to demand in a claim.

Final Thoughts

You are significantly less likely to experience a tire blowout accident if you properly maintain your tires. Unfortunately, some people neglect tire maintenance, which puts them at risk. You may also be more prone to a tire blowout due to a defective tire or poor technician work. When this occurs, it may be challenging to hold the offender accountable.

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