Servicing Your Vehicle – How Regularly Should You Do That

Regular maintenance activities are critical in maintaining the condition of your vehicle. Regular oiling and lubrication help in smooth running of the vehicle. Though there are numerous benefits of getting your vehicle serviced at regular intervals, many people forget to take their vehicle for periodic service visits.

Servicing Your Vehicle

In this article, we will tell you about how regular the vehicle needs to be serviced.

Servicing Your Vehicle
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Read the manufacturer’s manual

It is advisable to read the owner’s manual thoroughly. You will find the complete vehicle servicing schedule for your vehicle inside it. Here you will understand the need and frequency for an oil change, your filters, drive or timing belts. Also, you will learn whether the oil or fuel you are using is right or not.

Toyota coupon and discounts provided at the local Toyota dealer helps in scheduling your vehicle maintenance appointment. This helps in keeping the fluid changes, brakes, alignment, steering, etc. in the best condition.

Changing the oil

Changing the oil is the best practice to allow your engine to serve you efficiently for many years. The more you replace the oil of your vehicle, the longer your engine will benefit you. But the question is at what frequency, the oil needs to be replaced.

The ideal time for the oil change is related to several factors such as distance and time by your vehicle, the frequency of cold-starts, repeated driving for short distance, driving in extremely cold and hot temperatures, excessive idling, etc. needs to be considered to carry out maintenance activities in it.

Inspection and replacement of the timing and serpentine belts

Though some people advise you to get the timing belt replaced after every 60,000 miles. To know the real numbers for the type of the vehicle you own, it is necessary to check the owner manual. This will serve the purpose of the right guide.

Also, you may ask the mechanic from an authorized service dealer to perform thorough inspection of the belts and replace them as per the mileage, whenever deemed necessary. If you wait for a longer time and fail in replacing the belts of your vehicle, then it will break down. The damaged belt can also break other accessories and result in a more costly repair.

Features of roadside assistance

Along with providing periodic service plans, car servicing companies provides 24-hour state of the art roadside assistance at no extra cost. This type of maintenance plan includes the following services such as: Battery jump start, Urgent delivery of fuel, Lockout protection, Tire service, Towing and Winching. Toyota service center is the best place to deliver helpful and timely reminders for scheduled vehicle maintenance.

In this way, it is quite evident that periodic maintenance of the vehicle extends the lifespan of the engine and saves you from expensive repairs down the road. It is advisable not to become the mechanic of your own vehicle, and take the vehicle to an expert for carrying out its efficient service.

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