How to Save Money on Car Maintenance

Whether you are passionate about cars or love your newly-bought car too much, car maintenance tips have always been top on your list.

We all know car maintenance is not only important to save money, but it also helpful to save our environment too.

Well!!! There is number of tips which you are already following. In this blog, we are going to shed light on the tips which you can do on your own in order to save money on Car Maintenance.


Why Should WE Follow These TIPS:-

Before you go through the whole blog, I would like to tell you that learning car maintenance is not essential only to save money but it’s also important to become closer to your car.

Apart from it, a little bit knowledge about the car and its parts can bring you out if get stuck in an emergency.

  • Oil Changing can be done on your Own: – Oil is like the blood of an engine and compromise with the quality of oil will not be accepted. You must change it every 3,000 miles. If you are not satisfied oil changing then you can done on your own. No!!! It’s not very tough. If you are seriously interested in order to learn new about your new car, then you can dare to change it on your own. There is number of tutorials and you tube videos to access knowledge about it.
  • Baking Soda & Water To Clean Battery: – Keep in mind that cleaning battery can help to save money on car maintenance. And it’s not a tough task. You just need to prepare a mixture of water and baking soda. Take a brush since it will help you a lot to clean corrosion from terminals.
  • Restoration Kit To Clean Headlight and save a wide chunk of money : – In order to save money on changing whole headlight, you must switch to restoration kit. It comes along with a special cloth and liquid. With the help of this liquid and cloth, you can clean your headlight on your own. Using this kit will help you save splurging money on Headlight.
  • Clean and save the life of your car’s Wipers: – Take care you wipers. Constantly care can help to lift up the life of them. To clean the rubber edge, you can use paper towel or soup. Taking care of wipers will help to increase the life of wipers.
  • Constant Washing to maintain the shine of the car – Washing and wax also eats a wide chunk of your budget. You may do it on your own. Clean your car time-to-time. By doing this you will come to about the dent and scratch which you may not notice. In order to make your car too shiny and cleaned, you may use quality oriented solutions to clean your car. Constantly cleaning play a wider role to maintain the shine of the car.
  • Replace Your Air Filter :- To avoid getting pinched by car maintenance, you must take care of your Air filter. Without taking help of the mechanic, you can change the air filter on your own. It’s recommended that Ait Filter must be getting changed in every 3 months. You can save a big chunk of your budget by doing maintenance of Air Lifter. And it will not take too much time since it can be done within 5 minutes. You may not believe it. But, it’s true.
  • For a healthy Engine, replace PCV Valve: – To make your car young throughout the life, you have to pay attention towards PCV valve. It’s pretty much important in order to keep your engine healthy.
  • If Your Fuel Filter is Clogged:- Keep an close eye over your fuel filter in order to take care if it’s clogged or not. Clogged Fuel Filter is bad for your car’s health. You may replace it.

By keeping the above mentioned in your mind, you will not find yourself to save a wide chunk of your budget but it will be also helpful to increase the life of your car.

Apart from the above mentioned, there is number of tips regarding car maintenance. If you are looking for more ways to save money on day to day life then check this post on MoneyConnexion. If you have something precious then don’t forget to share with us.

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