5 Big Blunders During a Car Purchase

There are always times when you want to buy a new car. The advancement in technology brings new models every year. Our world is constantly moving forward. Older models prevent keeping up the pace so one has to buy newer versions to blend in. Purchasing a new car can be exciting but it’s also complicated when it comes to dealing with the manufacturers/dealership. Enlisted below are few common mistakes that people often make when purchasing a new car.


1. Control your emotions

Don’t let your emotions rule your brain when purchasing a car. Don’t fall for the model at first sight. Know the value of the car you have considered and see whether it has all state-of-the-art features. Go for the comfort, smooth ride, well-functioning system and especially if it suits your need instead of only liking the exterior and brand new design.

2. Check the affordability

Buying a new car is the biggest investment next to purchasing a home. It’s not only the vehicle you are buying but also the warranties, insurances etc. so before you contract with the dealer, calculate the total price and evaluate your budget. Arrange for the auto financing before stepping into the dealership. Make sure the sales person isn’t playing price game with you.

3. Shop around for comparison

Don’t rush into buying from the first dealer you have met. It’s better to visit other dealerships before making a final decision. This will give you comparison between the rates and the options each car model has.  As a result of the competition, the dealers offer lower quotes. Consider your options after careful survey and adequate research.

4. Negotiate the price before financing

Dealers are entitled to make money if you don’t go prepared. Don’t negotiate everything at once and get done with it. The first thing sales person will offer you is a monthly payment making it appear affordable to you. Do not make the mistake of going for monthly payments. If need be, always negotiate the vehicle price, financing and a trade-in.

5. Used cars is a better option

It has become a common trend now to buy 3-4 years used cars rather than new ones as they become less costly. You can get a luxury car or a good model for the same amount of money that you’ll buy new car with. Unless you have a lot of money to burn, always consider the option of buying used car elsewise. You can easily manage to get  used auto parts for that car that are also cheap and workable just as new ones, usually junk yards have good amount of parts to satisfy car needs.

Wilson Smith is a professional content writer and SEO executive.