Regular Car Service and Maintenance

A brand new vehicle needs to be properly maintained according to a regular schedule. Manufacturers usually suggest the types of services that need to be done on a particular interval. For example, most passenger cars require an oil change every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Similarly, a tire rotation is needed every six months or a certain amount of mileage depending on the type of car. In general, crossover SUVs require much more maintenance compared to smaller compact cars. A Pennsylvania wheel alignment is an example of a common service done passenger cars.

A typical scheduled maintenance also includes complimentary multi-point inspections that check for any issues that may need attention. Additionally, all of the fluids are usually refilled and topped off to the appropriate levels. The battery is also checked during a regular maintenance service such as oil change.

Car MaintenanceImage Credit: ILO Arab States

When buying a new vehicle, a dealership may offer free services for a certain amount of time. For example, buyers can enjoy a lifetime of free oil changes at an auto dealer. Otherwise, such service is paid for with out of pocket funds. However, auto clubs may offer auto care plans for covering routine maintenance and costly repairs. It’s important to understand that car insurance does not cover any repairs that are not related to a crash or accident. Additionally, auto club plans include roadside assistance that is essential for helping drivers that get stuck on roads and need a jump start, tire change or towing.

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