Terrible Crash Involving Lamborghini and Ferrari in Beijing Tunnel

In what can only be termed as an ironic turn of events, news emerged of a car crash taking place in a tunnel in Beijing involving a Lamborghini and a Ferrari at around the same time the seventh installment of Fast and Furious franchise opened in the city.

Lamborghini Crash in Beijing tunnel

Police have detained 20-year-old Yu from Changchun in the north-eastern province of Jilin and 21-year-old Tang from Beijing from the site of the wreckage where one injury has been reported so far. Both men are reported to be jobless.

Ferrari crash in Beijing tunnel

The crash has spurred a debate on social media on the extravagant lifestyles of elite families in China, especially when news regarding the costs of both cars was revealed. The Lamborghini is reported to cost a total of US$800,000 while the Ferrari is supposed to cost around US$500,000.

Many people had been complaining about high speed races taking place in the tunnels, which are often used for drag racing. A number of people have turned to Twitter to voice their opinions on what had happened. One Twitter user, as a way of mocking China’s authoritarian Communist rule, tweeted, “Socialism is so good that it allows unemployed people to drive supercars.”

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