Tesla Model 3 Bumper Couldn’t Stand Rain

Rain hardly causes any destruction but there have been two cases in the past few days that were quite odd to say the least. Two very unfortunate Tesla Model 3 owners had their car bumpers fall off due to rain. One customer was on his way from the Tesla dealership when the rear bumper or bumper cover, to be precise, fell off. The disappointed owner Ritesh Nair took to Twitter to register his annoyance.

Tesla Model 3 Bumper Couldn’t Stand Rain

Ritesh tagged Elon Musk in his tweet and while the billionaire gave no response to the tweet, another customer who had the same problem responded. Ritesh told that the bumper fell off from its screws and that the shield was either missing or loose.

This unfortunate mess came after CNN published a report regarding quality issues with the Model 3 production line. On the contrary, Munro and Associates termed the production line a ‘Symphony of Engineering’.

Tesla officials reported on the issue, saying “We’re setting an extremely high bar for Model 3, and what happened in this situation is not how we build our cars. We’re investigating the issue to understand what caused it, and we are contacting our customers to resolve this and ensure they are satisfied.”

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