Tesla to Speed Up Their Sales by Hand-Delivering Model 3

Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla began to produce auto carriers throughout the end of the week because there weren’t enough accessible to send most of its autos to clients. As Q3 is ending, Musk is trusting that Tesla Direct will urge customers to buy Model 3s shorty to get advantage of short-time delivery system.

Tesla is committed to deliver the greatest number of EVs as it can before its late spring quarter is finished, and that incorporates stopping you from even a short trek to get your vehicle.

Tesla to Speed Up Their Sales by Hand-Delivering Model 3

Without a huge system of set up dealerships and a fixed number of deliveries focuses, electric automaker Tesla faces challenges in getting the famous new Model 3 to its clients in a right time, so the automaker launched a new service to hand deliver the cars.

Tesla has already started producing 5,000 Model 3’s per week this past summer and it seems as though its deliver process is slowing it down. Although, the administration is trained as working on a “first come, first serve premise.”

Musk is as of now attempting to stay aware of interest for its item, yet now there is by one means or another opportunity to make huge auto carriers. What number of is it making? Where are they being made? and what the risks are? we won’t find solutions to questions like these, but We’d love to see the solution, however.