The 1953 Chevrolet Corvette Classic Car Review

By Bryce Womeldurf

General Motors was the top class company of autos in the classic era and its cars spread all over the world in 1938 to 1953 due to the best classic cars, They did not try to make any sports car because before it they were presenting the models according to the trend of 1930’s.With the joining of Harley J Earl who was the great engineer of that age He decided to make sports brand in the market because people had a demand for this ,In the 1953 Harley presented a beautiful ,innovative and white color charming Chevrolet Corvette that make the General Motors more populous in the field of auto production. Chevrolet Corvette’s features are describing and know the why it was the top classic car of its age in the world.

Body Structure

By by W9NED

In the first generation presented cars were hand made and in those 300 cars company try to show all the traditional features but it wanted to create a symbolic space craft car in the world so Chevrolet Corvette made and presented in the market with beautification of great design , charming outlook and different style .Engineers made this car with use of  strong and innovative fiberglass and steel, The white color give the charming bright look to the model ,The car was rocket type with small fans ,Headlights covered by guards those were made of mesh stone ,There were no door handles and the exterior body was smooth and roof less with the folding without operating system that could be fold with hand easily , Its body was close to ground that gave it beautiful look ,When we examine the wheels of  Chevrolet Corvette they were 102 inches with the 167 inches length  and width was 70.5 inches with the weight of 2,850 pounds .

Interior Features

By Bryce Womeldurf

The power and quality of any car shows at that time when its engine is strong and powerful so to fulfill this demand General Motors made the engine of Chevrolet Corvette very strong and bearable to heat and cold season with the 235cid six-cylinder 150hp and very quick two speed automatic transmission the three sidedraft  Carter carburetors .The very different feature in this car is FM radio and Heater both which had been not showed in any car in that  era.

Price And Papularity

The price of the Chevrolet Corvette 1953 was $3498 , It was the big amount at that time but due to beautification people accepted it and it became the popular two seats coupe sports car  in the whole world , Its demand was more than production because at that time in the list of hundred cars of other companies only this was remarkable and popular in the people , The only reason of its popularity was its color and feature of sports car.

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