Porsche 911 and Carrera S in House

Atlanta 6th of February Porsche domain of north of America revealed gladly that new models of 2012 Porsche 911 and Carrera S had reached their desire showrooms throughout the country and cars would be available for the customers. The company board and specially CEO had announced that the car made its debut in the year 1964 is now tagged as one of the best car in the cars family and it fulfills the desire of driving in a comforting saloon but surely along the power bash which is its recognition and the car is only for those who loves driving rather just carry or delivers something, it’s a ride of enthusiastic and Porsche is surely designed to deliver the extreme and ultimate passion of drive.

New Porsche 911 Carrera

Well the new 911 has been totally redesigned from top to bottom but retaining classic 911 lines for sure though there are several changes to its structure but the shape of Porsche which is unique in looks can never be changed as it’s the symbol or Porsche’s recognition but without any doubt car has been enhanced its quality efficiency wise, the Porsche 911 has lost his weight but without compromising the durability attribute alongside of body and outlooks the car has deployed with significant power booster engine which is not only for acceleration purpose but its fuel efficient which is necessity to modern era and consume less energy.

911 Specs

911 is 350 horse power , 3.4 liter boxer engine car innovative thing is that the new engine can produce 5 horse power more than 3.6 liter engine this is amazing and from 0 to 60 miles pr hr in 4.4 sec and can attain max speed of 179mph.

Carrera S Specs

Its engine is remarkable it produces 400 horse power , while engine is 3.8 liter boxer engine and its acceleration is quick enough so it attain 60 from 0 within 4.1 sec and further quickness required car needs to be equipped with sports crono which would give more powerful acceleration and from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 sec which is super cool and max speed of 188 mph which is great.

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