Honda Recognizes as Benchmark

Washington DC , American council for energy efficient economy ACEEEs disclosed its 14th annual ranking list of environmental friendly cars and from past many years Honda has established such repute and now it would not be considered wrong to call Honda a benchmark of green zone thus at the top of the list in accordance to ACEEEs is Mitsubishi I MIEV which has set back Honda Civic Natural Gas compressed natural gas fitted car this year which was at the top for the past eight years though Mitsubishi product topped this year which is excellent innovation towards the reduction of global pollution but it took eight years for any company to take the top ranking at ACEEEs list so it means that Honda sets the standard or lesson to others.

2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas

Currently many countries are facing energy crisis this demonstrates that energy is the only way for the survival and mostly third world countries are facing the turmoil of energy crisis and they need to divert their sources or search an alternative means of energy to fulfill their requirements, by the time oil is going to deplete as we all know so better to find another way out, so innovation in the field of cars has significantly changed the way of thinking and people are seeking new technology which consumes less and give greater level of output which in other sense is called efficiency and sustainability in accordance to sustainability theory which was given by ex norwagian prime minster that consume that much which does not harm the requirement or needs of coming or next generation and don’t let the source completely deplete for example cutting of trees, but despite of cutting it should be planted back in double or at least equal in amount so that’s the concept and car industry which was facing such problems, like oil for car fueling is getting depleted and expensive too much that had made reduction in sales and in the end losses so shifting new strategy on the efficiency and alternative source of energy has given the industry a new hope or u can say granted a new life to the car industry and this very year brand of benchmark Honda a green car has been honored as eco friendly in the top twelve of ACEEEs list and its Honda company whose four vehicles recognized as eco friendly which is excellent achievement for a company it also means company is not only having profitability aspects to consider but its non profit making aspects too this shows they are working for the environmental cause and for the sake of people and considering as a primary responsibility rather just profit or loss and cash flows, they are working for the stakeholders all over the planet not only for the wealth of shareholders that’s awesome.

Honda Fit EV

Honda Civic Natural Gas fitted car is the only OEM built, dedicated passenger car assembled in us and its also certified by EPA and low emission CO2 approximately zero percent and coming up new Honda Accord Plug in Hybrid and Honda Fit EV would be a challenge for Honda and how eco positive car they would be ? lets hope for the best as Honda has been into a recognition of green list cars manufacturer and they will bring positive results in future.

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