The Marvelous and Bizarre MG SV-R Sportscar Moves for Auction

The MG SV (Sports Veloce) is a sports car manufactured by MG Rover in Medona, Italy which was given final touches at Longbridge, UK. It was based on the Qvale_Mangusta, formerly De Tomaso Bigua. If we look back into the history, we come to know that MG rebuilt many versions of existing Rover but the expected results were not achieved.

MG SV-R Sports Car

MG Rover closed the MG garage in 2005 and before that, they gave us an iconic and wonderful car to sparkle the automotive history in the years to come. That car was no other than the MG SV-R, an outstanding high priced racecar. The good news is, you now have the option to own one.

MG SV-R Sports Car

It is a two-door coupe of desirable performance and technological content. It was built on a lightweight chassis clothed in advanced carbon fiber body that is made up from over 3000 separate pieces of carbon fiber. The chassis was made in Italy and the car was assembled at Longbridge, UK.

MG SV-R Sports Car

The MG SV-R is powered by a 380 hp 5.0 V8 engine producing a torque of 376 lb-ft at 4750 rpm, with an expensive price tag because of its complex carbon fiber body. The manual car can go as fast as 175 mph and covers a 0-60 mph distance in 4.8 seconds.

MG SV-R Sports Car

The SV-R had a steep price tag of $149,000 in 2004 for this model. Now after 10 years, you can bid on this SV-R at Silverstone Auction NEC Classic Motor Show Sale which will be held on November 15th. The appraised auction price is $48,000.

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