5 Things To Look For Before Buying A Car

Everything in this world requires some effort. Without it, nothing in this world can work. Same is the case with buying cars. Getting a car is something that everyone wants, but buying a car needs a lot of time and energy, especially if you are planning to get a used car. There are a lot of things that you have to check. Following are the few which are necessary to check before buying a car:

Buying A Car
Image Credit: davocano

1. Form:

The first thing that should be looked before buying a car is the form. Look how the car looks from the outside appearance. Of course you don’t want to waste your money on something so damaged and broken so it’s necessary to take a thorough look on the appearance of the car. If it is damaged from many places don’t buy the car. Check that the car is elevated from the ground and there is no sagging. This you can do by bending down and if you see all the four tires, it means the car is ok.

2. Tires:

Check the condition of the tires too. Sometimes people sell the Mercedes wheels and put the third class wheels in place of it to get more benefit. Don’t get fooled by that. Tires are expensive to buy so make sure you don’t have to waste extra money.

3. Scratches:

There are many cases in which people have sold their rusty and fully damaged car by painting it and making it new. Remember that you are not getting a car for one or two years. It has to be your future partner. So make sure it’s healthy and powerful. You can ignore scratches, but don’t ignore if the car has rust at all. This can reduce the life of your car.

4. Engine:

As we all know the engine is the main part of the car. Remember one thing, if the engine of the car is intact and powerful, your car can live up to your expectation and will spend as much time as it can, but if you buy a car with damaged engine, Man you are in loss. That car will expire in just a few months. Think that may be the damaged engine is the reason why the owner is selling the car. So check each and every thing thoroughly and take a mechanic if you are not aware of these things. If he says that the car is ok only then buy the car.

5. Insides:

Check the inside of the car as well. Check that the seats are in good conditions or not and all the other features of the car are functioning or not. Check the meters and AC controls etc. Sit inside and see if the seats are comfortable enough or not. It’s better to check a brand new car thoroughly before check the used to know the differences easily. Check every mirror and ask for replacement if anything is broken or damaged.

Wilko is a full-time motoring journalist with an obsessive interest in all things automotive.