Top Tips for Greener Driving

As people become increasingly aware of their actions and the impact they have on the environment, they are starting to adjust how they behave in various areas of life. Car use has been a major talking point over the past couple of years as Governments around the world encourage people to use electric and hybrid vehicles. However, even if you don’t make the shift just yet, there are still plenty of actions that you can take to make driving an all-round greener experience.

tips for greener driving
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Check Your Tire Pressure

This is such an amazingly simple way to enjoy a greener driving experience, and yet many people overlook doing it. If your tires aren’t pumped up enough, your engine will have to work harder to move your vehicle, meaning that your fuel usage will be greater. Different vehicles need different tire pressures, so consult your owner’s manual before making any adjustments. Remember, you should check your tire pressure on a regular basis and before every long journey. The number of passengers and the weight you are transporting can also make a difference in the optimal pressure.

Remove Items from the Car

Many people leave heavy things in the trunk of their car for no particular reason, but the heavier your car, the more petrol you will end up using, so now is the time to take those items out. Of course, you still need to ensure that your car has all the essentials for safe journeys such as a spare tire, but you don’t need to carry around a tent! When it comes to going away on a big vacation, if you can slim down your suitcases, you will be doing your bit to help the environment.

Service Your Vehicle Regularly

Getting your car regularly serviced will help to keep it in good working order, thereby running more efficiently and not using as much fuel. During this service, you should get the emissions checked to ensure that you are not spewing out more harmful fumes than necessary.

Car Share When Possible

While owning and running a car is a highly convenient way of traveling around, it is kinder to the environment if you reduce the number of journeys you take by buddying up and filling up a single vehicle. Perhaps you could offer a lift to a work colleague or even list your journey online on a car-sharing website. One point that is worth remembering is that you should have the right car insurance policy to cover your journeys.

Drive Sensibly

Driving in a conservative and non-aggressive manner will help to keep your fuel usage consistently low. Quick acceleration and harsh braking will mean more trips to the fuel station in the long run. Adjust your focus to take into account the road ahead so you are more prepared to come to a gentle stop, and you can anticipate hazards as they appear. You use less fuel when you travel at a comfortable and consistent speed. Keeping to the speed limit is also important. As you move quicker, the amount of fuel you use increases exponentially.

Choose Your Vehicle Carefully

If you are on the hunt for a new car, you should take into account its environmental impact. You might consider the best solution is to source your car locally, but there is no point in buying a fuel-inefficient car. Instead, you need one that will be able to offer the best long-term benefits, and sometimes this can’t be found locally. Sometimes it has to be ordered from further afield, and this will mean you also need to find a car shipping company that can deliver your newly purchased car to you. A car that is guzzling petrol won’t help the environment at all, but if you can find a car that is as friendly to mother nature as possible, then shipping it is the more sensible option.

Plan Your Journey Ahead of Time

If possible, plan to take your journey outside of peak hours to avoid unnecessary idling, as well as making this a more efficient trip for you. You can also research to see if any alternative route will get you to your destination quicker. Even if one road is less in distance terms, if you can get to your destination without getting stuck in traffic, you will help the environment, as well as saving time for yourself.

Keep the Air Conditioning Off

When temperatures start rising, some people reach for the air conditioning controls straight away. However, it will make your engine work harder, and more fuel will be consumed. On hot days, you could try opening the windows before you travel. This way, you are cooling down your car without using any additional energy.

Keep Track of Your Fuel Consumption

Modern cars make it much easier to check your fuel consumption and keep it low, which is an ultimately satisfying and rewarding experience!

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