Top 5 Reasons To Buy A New Pickup

No vehicle has been more resilient over the years than the pickup truck. This should hardly come as much surprise, as these vehicles are built for toughness and durability. But there was a time not so long ago when the powers that be in the automotive world practically wrote off this iconic vehicle. This was back in the 90s when the SUV boom took root in the American consciousness. But, like always, the pickup endured.


Even in the age of eco-conscious hybrids the pickup truck thrives. And this isn’t merely due to nostalgia. Manufacturers of pickup trucks the world over have evolved and now offer automobile that are vastly superior to generations past. Here are just a few reasons to purchase a modern pickup truck.

More creature comforts

It isn’t exactly a secret that older-model pickups weren’t known for their comfort or style. No, they were workhorses plain and simple. Modern pickup manufacturers have retained the functionality but added a number of new design features and other perks. Plush upholstery, state-of-the-art navigation systems, multi-zone climate control, heated seats — these are just a few things consumers can expect from newer pickups. And the cabs on many are much larger than in years past, often being able to accommodate five or so people.

Off-roading potential

Hulking SUVs may look intimidating on the surface, but it’s the pickups that are truly designed for off-roading. These workhorses are just at home on a mountain pass as they are on an eight-lane freeway. That means families can count on these vehicles to get them through a long weekend camping in the woods, on the beach, or hauling up the mountain for a bit of snowboarding.

Built for adventure

It isn’t just skiing and snowboarding, pickups are ideally suited to adventurous excursions that require hauling equipment. Surfers, cyclists, ATV riders – the bed of a pickup can handle all this gear and more. That’s why these vehicles are ideal vessels to transport those people in search of action and adventure. And with the aforementioned extra cab space in modern pickups, these adventures can include the whole family.

Pickup owners are useful

Pickups are still mostly known for their ability to facilitate manual labor projects, such as building and construction, and they always will be. Pickup owners can rest easy knowing their vehicle can help with almost any job, from hauling lumber to helping to tow the car of a damsel in distress. These trucks are basically the Swiss army knives of the automotive world and are ideal for a number of other jobs that includes everything from storing tools to clearing land.

These are just a few reasons the modern male may want to consider purchasing a new pickup and getting reacquainted with what makes him a man in the first place. And as for women, there is no better time than now to get in touch with that inner tough guy just waiting to burst free and buy a truck.

Image Credited: jps246

San Antonio native Brenton Nallie is a car enthusiast who enjoys writing about different truck gadgets.