UK Road Use Statistics

Road use in the UK is amongst the most densely populated anywhere in Europe; a recent PDF released by UK government contains more information and more facts about road use here in the UK.

Younger driver (particularly men) have fallen in recent years with a drop seen in the number of males aged between 17-20 taking their driving test however the number of younger drivers choosing to lease a new car has risen in recent times according to CarLease UK with a dramatic increase in younger drivers now taking out a lease car as students or during their studies at UK Universities. Women are also now driving further on average than ever before according to the PDF published by UK Government last year. Van driving and van usage has also seen the largest increase with HGV drivers now accounting for a larger proportion of the traffic on UK roads; this has also affected the number of van leases currently available with more people choosing to lease a van for the purposes of business.

UK Road Use Statistics
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With more and more traffic on UK roads and as the road network comes under further pressure to carry larger vehicles the PDF highlights some interesting points about driving in the UK. The UK has the highest number of leased vehicles out of all the countries in Europe and with commuters from high income households choosing to use their cars to travel further there has been a drop in short distance commuting with people choosing to walk to work and walking journeys less than 1 mile according to the doc.

Leasing a new vehicle is easier than ever before (especially for those in high income households) where car ownership has fallen in recent times and an increase in car loans has also been noted as a potential pressure point for UK debt. Lower income households are less likely to use a vehicle as much as those from high income households however the number of vehicles on the road in the UK has continued to rise in recent years. As publicised CarLease UK; Credit checks are part and parcel of lease car agreements and as such anyone looking to lease a new car from a car leasing company should be aware of their credit status and ensuring that monthly payments are agreeable by both parties is a legal requirement of any car leasing company which is registered with both the BVRLA and FCA here in the UK. Choosing a reputable lease car provider is important and as such any new customer looking to lease a vehicle should ensure that they can meet repayments as well as look out for the BVRLA logo and membership status.

With the increase in both driver maintained lease car contracts and funder maintained lease cars now on the road in the UK what the future holds for the UK road network should become clear once the Government releases its 2017 white paper later this year.

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