Is a Van Better for Your Lifestyle?

When thinking about an upgrade for their vehicle, many people only think about what car they want to get. With so many models out on the market, it is an easy thing to do. However, a van might be more suitable for you than you might have first thought. Here are some reasons why a van might be better for your lifestyle.

van better for your lifestyle
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No Retraining Needed

One big advantage of switching to a van is that you often don’t need to retrain to be able to drive one. Your ordinary license will let you drive vans up to a certain weight limit. You might be surprised to know the maximum size of a van you can legally drive.

And if you already have an HGV licence then you might be able to drive an even larger vehicle in your downtime. However, most people will be happy with a small-sized van.

Comparable Prices

Vans don’t always cost more than cars – in fact, many high-performance cars can cost quite a bit more than your average van. You can also find low-cost vans second-hand if you don’t want to splurge on a completely new one.

One of the biggest expenses for any vehicle is insurance, but you might be surprised to learn that some vans don’t cost much more to insure than a typical car. In addition, there are price comparison sites that are specifically designed to help van drivers find cheaper van insurance quotes, which means you could pay even less. has a good van insurance comparison system, for example.

Plenty of Space

There are many reasons why people choose to acquire vans but one of the primary factors is usually space. A van is always going to have more cubic space than even some of the roomiest cars. This can make it appealing to many different people from all walks of life.

If you have big dogs, you might be concerned about the amount of space they have in their car. A van might give you the space needed to properly crate them in the back of the vehicle so they are comfortable yet safe while you are travelling.

Another person who might get a lot of use out of a van is someone who does a lot of water sports. If you love kayaking, it can be quite difficult knowing how you are going to transport your gear from your house to a lake. A van gives you all the space you need to do so and know that your gear is going to be safe.

No Extra Vehicles

If you have a small business you might have to transport the goods you make to your clients. For example, if you make wedding cakes you will most likely have to take the cake directly to the venue. A car might not be the best vehicle for you to do this in. A van would be the better option and would allow you the peace of mind and security you need.

However, you might not be able to run both a van and a car at the same time. For the good of your business, it might, therefore, be better to just drop down to exclusively using a van.

The decision between a car and a van is one we rarely consider but it might be an important one for you to make. Consider your options now and think about switching from a car to a van. You might end up wondering why you did not make the change sooner.

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