Everything You Need to Know About W Motors Lykan HyperSport

w motors lykan hypersport

When it comes to the Lykan Hypersport it’s not your typical supersport car. Hailed as the first Arabian hypercar in the world and manufactured by W Motors, the Lebanese originally now United Arab Emirates-based company first introduced the Lykan Hypersport at the Qatar International Motor show in 2013. The Lykan Hypersport was born in Lebanon in 2012 with the collaboration of Lebanese and Italian engineers and assembled in Germany as well.

What makes the Lykan Hypersport so special? a one may wonder, is not only its powerful engine and its tremendous performance, or the fact that the Lykan Hypersport production is limited to only seven cars, but it is how W Motors decided to give its Lykan cars a rare more luxury aspect to make it more unique amongst other supersport cars in the market. This amazing hypercar is the first car to have jewelry embedded into their headlights, as they have titanium LED blades that hold 440 diamonds (15 carats), though buyers have a choice of selection between rubies, sapphires, diamonds and yellow diamonds to be installed into the Lykan’s headlight upon purchase. The Lykan cars will also catch your eyes with the holographic display system technology they use as an instrument panel with interactive motion features, meaning you will be able to use and control your vehicle controls and multimedia with a simple hand gesture, adding to that the seats come with a gold-stitched leather interior to give the buyer that exclusive luxury feeling.

When it comes to the power aspect, the Lykan Hypersport will make it hard for you to keep track of it as it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds! And claimed to have a top speed of 395 km/h, and will go from 0 to 200 km/h in 9.4 seconds. Powered by a 3.7-liter twin-turbo flat-six engine developed by German company RUF Automobile, that engine will produce a whopping 780 horsepower and 960 N.m of torque at 4,000 RPM. All that power will be transformed from the mid-rear mounted engine to the rear wheels to give you that sport feeling around the corners. The Lykan Hypersport will give its buyers to choose between two transmissions one is a 6-speed sequential manual gearbox and the other is a 7-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission, paired with a limited-slip differential.

Now with all that being said it’s not a surprise that the Lykan Hypersport will come with an expensive price tag. At a selling price of US$3.4 million dollars making it the third most expensive production car in the world, after the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and the Maybach Excelero pricing at (US$4.6 million) and (US$8 million) respectively.

In an interview with Ralph Debbas-the founder of the Lykan Hypersport and W Motors- was asked what makes W Motors unique? He answered:” To go into the automotive industry today is nearly impossible, especially with something new, it’s normal to see all critiques – positive- of W Motors today. To go into an industry like that you have to do something completely different: either go with cheap, mass-production cars or go with a very expensive high-end niche.”

“We decided to launch W Motors as the first Arab brand and give it a high-end luxury look. To do that we needed to differentiate. We asked: ‘What can we do to make W Motors stand out, to be so unique and special?’ We decided to make the most expensive car in the world.”

Making its way to the red carpet the Lykan Hypersport was featured in the famous Hollywood movie “Furious 7” which part of it was filmed in the United Arab Emirates. But don’t worry none of the seven produced Lykan cars were crashed or even used in the film, instead, purpose-built models were used for the film as they were a bit cheaper than the original US$3.4 million Lykan car would cost, that was made possible by W Motors as they used much cheaper materials in building Lykan cars for the film, fiberglass was used instead of carbon fiber for the body, also a Porsche Boxter chassis was used instead of a Porsche race car. Ten Lykan cars were used in the film, only one out of the ten returned to W Motors which is now displayed at their showroom, and 9 were destroyed in filming the movie.

W Motors Lykan HyperSport Price in UAE

In 2015, the Abu Dhabi Police bought a Lykan Hypersport in addition to the supersport cars they have in their stable but obviously the most expensive one, as the Lykan Hypersport price in UAE would be about 12.48 million AED. Being one of the seven ever produced Lykan cars in the world you might be in luck and see one if you live in Abu Dhabi or you can actually see it in the W Motors showroom in Dubai.

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