What do Car Wreckers Do with the Junk or Damaged Car?

Have you ever wondered what car wreckers do with your old, damaged, junk car? Did it ever occur? Why would someone want to pay for junk and that too in cash? For starters, the car wreckers dismantle the car, recycle the metal body, and refurbish any usable OEM components or spare parts.

It is not only a great environment-friendly solution to recycle but ensures the seller gets a fair price for the car. Car wreckers Wellington removes and specializes in scrapping all types of vehicles, irrespective of the model or their condition. If you have a garage waiting for some space to open up or want to make money from selling a junk car, it is wise to get in touch with a reputed wrecker service.

Car Wreckers Dismantle The Car

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Environment-friendly disposal of the vehicle

Instead of leaving your junk car to rot and rust, car wreckers ensure efficient and responsible disposal of the car. The car is dismantled to maximize the recycling of even the individual components. The dismantled old cars have several reusable parts. The car wreckers extract and remove all the OEM and usable spare components, refurbish, get quality tests, and re-sell the usable used car parts.

Although a car might not be in a drivable state, usually, a lot of internal and external components are in good condition. Some usable spare parts include headlights, seats, upholstery, mirrors, alloy wheels, engine parts, transmission systems, windshields, windows, etc. Each of these parts is renewed and sold at an affordable price.

Recycling of the metal body

The car wreckers in Wellington recycle the metal body of the vehicle to produce the metal sheets. The sheets that are recycled from vehicles are widely used in a range of industries for fulfilling multiple purposes. A team of experts from the car wrecking service follows a stringent process to ensure all the usable components from the car are retrieved. Once the components are removed, the rest of the body is sent to recycling units. The process is tedious and requires years of experience for the safe disposal of the fluid and oil during the recycling process.

Make usable components available to customers

The refurbished or second-hand spare parts of the car are cheaper and more efficient in terms of functionality. Recycling reusable parts from old car models makes it easy for customers to find components or spare parts that the manufacturer no longer produces. For example, second-hand tires or wheels are useful and available to the customers of existing cars at a lower price.

The exhaust system of the car is retrievable and hence works as a second-hand replacement for a faulty exhaust system. The car batteries are mostly healthy, even in old and damaged cars. Electronic components like electronic modules, entertainment systems, system motors, etc., are easy to retrieve. Hence, car wreckers ensure that each component is checked for quality and sold to the customers.

Reduce dumping in the landfill

With most car parts recycled, it significantly reduces the trash that goes into dumping grounds or landfills. It positively affects the environment as it reduces carbon footprint and focuses on creating better sustainability. The car wreckers ensure that any hazardous or toxic material from the car is carefully disposed of to prevent any adverse impact.

Looking forward to getting sustainably rid of your car and earning cash for it? It’s time you let go of the junk vehicle lying in the garage and create space for a new one. With removal service, you not only earn from it but also contribute to recycling and adopting environment-friendly ways.

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