What to do After a Car Crash

After an accident, you might feel confused and don’t know what to do. The first and most important thing is to remain calm. A lot will happen thereafter and you must make sure you give yourself an easy time. You may even need to hire a towing service, but before that, there are things you must do. You ought to make important decisions and following the below steps will be of paramount importance. So, if you’ve had a crash, follow the steps below.

What to do after a car crash – 7 Steps to Take

If you’ve had a accident, What to do after a car crash, follow the steps to help make sure everyone is safe.

what to do after a car crash
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1. Check if you and your passengers have injuries

Immediately after your crash, check if you have incurred any injuries. This is very important. If you notice you have been injured, try not to move. If you can move, check the other people in the car. If someone is hurt, call an ambulance or ask a person standing by to call for help. Calling for emergency help is vital even when there are no visible injuries.

2. Get to Safety

If you can move, get out of the car and move a further distance for your safety. This will ensure you are not in any more danger in case the car catches fire or explodes. Make sure you do not tamper with the scene, especially if you collided with another vehicle. Get to safety and wait for help.

3. Call the Police

You will require reporting the incident to the police. The police will record your statement and that of the other driver and document the accident. You will need to explain what happened and the cause of the accident. Don’t try to be smart. Go straight to the point and tell the truth. If the police cannot come to the scene, look for the nearest police station and report the accident. A police report will be necessary when filing a claim to your insurer.

4. Exchange Information with the Other Driver

You will also need to exchange insurance and contact information with the other party. Some important details to take include:

  • Their full name and contact details
  • The number plate and driver’s license
  • The location of the accident
  • Their insurance company details
  • The color and type of the vehicle

5. Don’t Discuss whose Fault It Is

That will be the work of the police and the insurer. You must also avoid giving too many details about the accident since the driver can use them against you.

6. Collect Information about the Accident

Document everything from the accident in order to keep the evidence. The evidence will be vital should you go to court or need it during the claim.

  • Identify the police officers who come to the accident by taking their names and badge numbers.
  • Take pictures of the vehicle from different angles. You should also take pictures of the other car involved.
  • Note down the names of all the victims, including your passengers.
  • Talk with some of the witnesses and take their contact information. They will be important in the future.

7. Notify your Attorney

If you have an attorney, let them know about the accident. They will help you through the whole process of filing a claim to the insurer, getting a settlement, or representing you in court.


Don’t be in a hurry to get out of the car and point fingers at the other driver after a crash. Make sure you follow the steps above to keep yourself on the safe side. Whether it was a collision or you crashed at a tree, stay calm and make decisions carefully.

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