Who got the “Automotive Brand Award 2012?”

The Porsche is the best architecture company that got the Automotive Brand Award 2012 with very appreciating ceremony in the Porsche Pavilion in autostadt in Wolfsburg. In the Porsche Pavilion the ceremony was held with the collaboration of architectural practices, the models which presented in the Porsche exhibition building were most impressive and designing that selected for the exhibition was also superb. In the stage and around it the curved and gleaming matt roof design, light weight design, active surface structure, stainless steel roof structure and the space in the pavilion background was liked very much.

The overall designing like as inside curves and absence of sharp edges, 25 vehicles models on the stage focus the visitors attention on the exhibition, these models show the sports brands great collection. Thematic films, aural histories and media installation provide the additional insights into the Porsche’s brand values and philosophy. The international jury of experts decided after few weeks that in the Automotive Brand Contest 2012 the Porsche is the best among the 350 automotive industry submissions and its design, suppliers, interior and exterior, concepts campaigns, events and special categories of innovation, team and brand proves that Porsche is a winner of the year.

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