2013 Is The Year For Safe Cars For Teens

The most precious cargo in your vehicle is your child, so in determining what safety conscious automobile to consider when they are ready to drive should be first on your mind, right? There’s one safety feature that any vehicle can never have enough of and that is airbags, for in a crash you want what’s inside that car protected from injury. A superb braking system is essential when purchasing a vehicle for your teen, because in having to use breaks most teenagers are not reactive enough to prevent wrecks. Just because vehicles that are safety oriented are recognized in organizational ratings such as the National Highway and Transportation Safety Association or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety doesn’t mean only crash tests, but it could include comforts that distract teens.

Airbags and Crash Safety

Airbags are designed to deploy when impact from the outside jars the car hard enough signaling the airbags that a collision has occurred and having a vehicle able to do this is crucial when protecting your teenager. The 2013 Honda Fit is one ride that does this by sporting six airbags along with a clear viewing ability to keep all inside safe. The Fit is a sporty vehicle that will keep your teenager happy in their social life while giving mom and dad peace of mind.


A five star rating earner on how well a car survives crashes, the 2013 Chevy Sonic delivers when it comes to having plenty of airbags by providing 10 airbags. Chevy complimented this vehicle when it kept it affordable while the fuel efficiency and strength of the motor was not compromised, as it earned 40 MPG on the highway.

Advanced Braking

Imagine your teen driving on a stormy afternoon as they leave school for the day and they have to slam on the brakes because of another driver switching lanes without signaling crosses their path, having a car equipped with the most advanced breaking systems available is then a welcomed ending to this unpleasant thought. 2012 saw Scion rolling out the tC and the load of braking features such as anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution, smart stop technology and traction/stability control.


The 2013 tC is a sporty enough car that teenagers won’t feel embarrassed to drive them and allows parents to breathe a sigh of relief for its top marks in rating. A 2013 Subaru Impreza is a smart choice for teens when looking at a car for braking capability, for its all wheel drive technology. The affordability and high fuel efficiency also gives a buyer loads to think about when buying the 2012 Subaru Impreza.

A+ Safety Ratings

While most features that are bragged upon cars have to deal with street performance, creature comforts and not so well known rating reports are a couple of more items to be proud of for safety first autos. When it comes to a well known name in safety and A+ ratings with both organizations, the 2013 Honda Civic gives parents something to be proud of and teenagers a ride they can show off to their friends.


This car is fuel efficient and loaded with such a booming sound system that even with parties in mind they know that the Civic will get them home safe at the end of the night. The 2013 Ford Focus is rated with top marks from the NHTSA, and sports the sync feature to keep teens hands on the wheel and off their phone. The Focus can be equipped with the MyKey system, making sure that teens don’t have a lead foot or develop deafness from loud car music.

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