A self-made Factory Five GTM is out on eBay for Sale

Listing a $56,000 price tag on eBay, the maker is selling the replica of Lotus NSX Noble Ferrari 911, made from GTM kit. There are tens of car kits that can be assembled at home, but this one is different. Factory Five GTM, is a build-it-yourself supercar kit sourced from Corvette C5.

Factory Five GTM Supercar

A readymade car is a sure choice of everyone with no compromise on guarantees, but a little hard work can save considerable sum of money. Back in December 2014, a Dubai based Canadian built a home-made car and showed car enthusiasts how it was done.

Factory Five GTM Supercar

Massachusetts’ Factory Five Racing is a leading car kit provider. While they also deal in creating good replicas of other models, their masterwork was unveiled in 2007 when they introduced GTM kit for car fans. The supplies include space frame chassis, Koni Suspension components, composite body panels plus others. However, the V8 engine, dual fuel tanks, radiator, brakes and control arms and few more elements have to be obtained from the donor car, depending on the model type. The total performance can be tuned up to a 350hp LS1 V8 or 400hp LS6 and even 500hp LS7.

Factory Five GTM Supercar

The GTM kit gets it gears from 97-04’s Corvette C5. The cost of the kit is $24,990 which is a lot less compared to $78,000 Corvette Z06. So if you can get that performance for this money – it’s not a bad bargain after all.

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