Advice for buying a used Renault

Renault make excellent cars – the Laguna, the Megane and the Clio are prime examples. What each of these cars have in common is that, across their entire lifespan, they have always been excellent – even versions that are now 10 years old have something going for them.

Why? Well, that’s because Renault doesn’t do average – they want to make their customers smile when they drive their cars.

Of course, when buying used, that smile might be wiped off your face – we’ve all heard about French reliability, and whilst that’s mostly a myth, it is true to some extent; electronics are the major thing to go wrong in Renaults, so, ensure you’re going to buy a car that’s going to make you smile by following this advice.

Buying a Used Renault

1. Ensure that you check the Renault for damage

There’s no point test driving a used car or looking through its service history if it’s a dog – check the used Renault you’re looking at for scratches, dents, curbed alloys and any cracks or splits in the bumpers. You should also ask to inspect the engine bay, and listen to the car ticking over with the bonnet up.

2. Be sure to check the cars service history

Cars need to be serviced every year to ensure that they run smoothly – missing a service can result in premature wear to a car’s engine and components. This will age a car by a significant amount. The best used Renaults all have full service history, and a full service history that’s entirely from Renault themselves. Bristol Street Motors offer the Renault Clio both with a full service history and partial – they note that cars with a full service history command a higher price because they offer peace of mind.

3. Take the car for a test drive

Checking a cars service history and inspecting it for damage can only do so much – to see just how it drives, you’re going to have to get hands on. Dealers have insurance already which covers other people to drive their vehicles, but private sellers don’t. To drive a private sellers car you need your own insurance, unless their policy says that other people who are comprehensive can drive it. Test driving the car will make sure that you get a feel for it.

4. Carry out ahpi check

When buying a used car you should always carry out ahpi check. A lot of car dealerships do this on your behalf, offering peace of mind, but regardless, it’s always nice to have a little extra control. If you are buying a used Renault from a private seller, ahpi check is essential – remember that if you buy a used car from somebody who is not the legal owner, the car is not yours.

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