Where To Get The Best Extended Auto Warranty?

Buying a car is best done after a lot of homework. Going into technical details, finding out about the mileage and the ease of maintenance are just some of the things that you must delve into before making a purchase decision. Once you have bought your car, you also need to think about getting an auto warranty for yourself.


An auto warranty can go a long way in:

  • Giving you peace of mind as far as repair costs are concerned.
  • Extending the ownership of your car.
  • Giving you access to a network of certified mechanics.
  • Dealing with unexpected financial pressures when repairs happen when you do not expect them.

So it does make a lot of sense to go into details regarding an extended auto warranty and looking at how and where you can get the best plan.

Go shopping

Just the way you spent a lot of time looking for the best car, you should spend time looking for various warranty plans as well. Look at the various dealers out there who can help cover your car with the right kind of insurance plan. Find out which dealer has tied up with insurance companies who can administer your plan for you. Look at different kinds of plans and ask for price quotes from multiple dealers.

You should also:

  • Read all the information on the dealer’s website.
  • Look at the information available on social media.
  • Read reviews written by unbiased sources about the dealers.
  • Ask for information from experts and on online forums as well.

Look at repair history

Another important component to keep in mind is your car’s repair history. You could then choose a plan that covers the components that have given you the maximum repair bills! Extended auto warranty plans can either be comprehensive or can cover specific components.

So if you think that your budget is capable of looking after your car and that you need to only look at specific systems, then look for plans that cover stated components:

  • Brakes.
  • Suspension.
  • Powertrain.
  • Components subject to wear and tear and so on.

Get into the details

It is also important for you read the fine print on the plans. This will give you complete information on how the dealer will cover your car and how you can pay for the repairs. For instance, some plans may differ on the deductibles:

  • Some plans have them and some do not.
  • It may be a ‘per repair’ deductible.
  • It may be ‘per visit’ deductible.

Getting into the fine print and asking for clarifications where necessary will give you the satisfaction of choosing the right kind of extended auto warranty plan and more importantly, will give you the ability to deal with repair costs whenever they arise.

At the end of the day, it is good to remember that there are genuine dealers out there who have well-established track records when it comes to warranty plans. Unfortunately there are less than trustworthy operators as well. When you keep the above tips and aspects in mind, you can find yourself the ‘good guys’ to deal with.

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