6 BMW Upgrades You Should Consider

While vehicle upgrades may seem like a significant expense, they can improve your car’s current condition and increase its value. They result in lower running costs, increased reliability, enhanced safety features, enhanced performance, improved technological integration, and more extended warranties. Assess the modifications you can use to upgrade your car. The vehicle will need some alterations to enhance your BMW’s appeal, endurance, performance level, and power.

BMW Upgrades Tips

BMW Upgrades
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This article outlines six upgrades you should consider.

1. Carbon fiber exhaust tips

An exhaust tip doesn’t change your exhaust system’s performance. It’s a cosmetic upgrade that can make your car generate more powerful sound. You can give your BMW’s exhaust tips a fresh, new look with quality carbon fiber replacement tips from trusted part vendors like Monaco Motorsports. They’re made using stainless wrapped in real fiber coated with a high gloss UV and heat protectant clear coat for protection and shine.

The carbon fiber exhaust tips directly replace the older ones, and their installation is simple, giving your BMW a sportier look. They come in various color options, including polished steel, black, titanium, gold, and brushed steel, so choose based on your preference.

2. A new cold air intake system

Replacing your current stock air intake system with an aftermarket one will boost your BMW’s performance. While BMW’s stock systems are robust, replacing them with cold air intake systems is more efficient. The cold air intake system improves your car’s acceleration and quality. You’ll install the cold air intake system on the engine’s exterior to draw more oxygenated, dense air inside, giving more power to the engine.

3. Door projector lights

Door projector lights are an excellent BMW upgrade that you can install at the bottom of the door panels. If you haven’t noticed, your BMW has the lights already, but they don’t project the logo. Consider replacing the factory lights with LED lights so that each time you open the BMW’s door, its logo will be cast on the ground. They’re simple to install and don’t require any hole drilling as the holes are already there.

4. Headlight upgrade

There are different headlight technologies you can use on your BMW. Consider replacing your halogen headlights with standard LED, fully adaptive LED, extended LED, or laser. Standard LED lights don’t have an adaptive function, meaning their lighting won’t be adopted on incoming traffic, road configuration, and speed. BMW laser headlamps and fully adaptive LED lights are state-of-the-art technologies that provide denser and sharper road illumination, significantly enhancing night visibility by lowering incoming traffic’s high-glare effect and ensuring overall light spread.

5. Tuners and programmers

Through your car’s ECU (engine control unit), you can program and tune your BMW for efficient performance and more engine power. Typically, ECU tuning and programming are done to suit an average driver. If you don’t want your BMW to remain moderate, you can optimize the ECU by upgrading the programmers and tuners to change the settings for improved performance.

6. Personalize your license plate frame

Car license plate frames are meant to protect and cover your license plate at the back and front of your car. They cover the plate’s corners and edges which are at risk of damage from collisions and weather. While there are multiple pre-designed BMW plate frames, you can get a custom-made one if you want to personalize your vehicle.


Upgrades improve your car’s performance, aesthetic appeal, and endurance. Consider the above upgrades the next time you want to upgrade your BMW.

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