Can I Service My Own Car?

In today’s age of DIY, it can seem rather tempting to service your own car when things go wrong. After all, the information is readily available on the Internet, in guidebooks, and through other resources, but this readily accessible information does not necessarily mean that car owners should service their own cars? Let’s take a look at why this is the case.



The engine of a vehicle is rather intricate in its design and many modern cars contain on-board computers that further complicate issues. While on-board computers can make diagnosing issues easy, they do not make the actual repair process any easier. Owners will still need access to a variety of tools, some of which can be specialist items, and indeed the parts they need to replace. This can be easy to source, but quality controls vary considerably against tools and parts that are available from garages.


There is also an inherent risk in attempting to repair your own car. It means that any error will result in a vehicle that is off the road entirely for other issues that are further complicating the repair process. This results in even more downtime against what could have been experienced by taking the vehicle to a garage in the first place. If owners rely on their vehicle for their day-to-day needs, then not having access to this vehicle will obviously disrupt things for them. There is always a need to minimise downtime when it comes to repairing a vehicle that is depended on.


Sometimes, insurance policies explicitly forbid servicing your own car. If this is the case, then any self-repair will completely void a policy and could result in a claim not being honoured in the event that an accident takes place and inspectors later reveal that a self-repair was in place and that could have been the cause of the accident to begin with. Needless to say, the resulting costs of this could be extremely high.


Vehicular fluids and oils need specialist disposal methods, which car owners are notorious for not honouring. However, many councils have imposed fines and other sanctions for car owners who disobey this rule. Similarly, disposing of fluids in an improper way can damage both the environment and threaten the health and safety of humans, animals, and plant life.

It is especially important to correctly maintain your vehicle and can definitely affect the value of your car when you come to sell. If you are looking to sell your car and would like to know it’s value try The Car Buying Group who will provide you a free instant valuation and offer one of the fastest ways to sell a vehicle.

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