Car Review – Dwelling with Maruti Ciaz

Hello, everybody. Don’t just get swayed by the topic of discussion!!! Dwelling with Maruti Ciaz essentially revolves around the thought of knowing the pros and cons of owning the Ciaz cars that offer to be the best buy for your hard earned money. You know what the market (irrespective of the place of your origin) is abundant with options now a day. The crux is that everybody claims the difference in terms of technology, interiors such as upholstery and others alongside value added services like power steering, auto roll windows etc. to name a few!!! How to go about it then???

Maruti Ciaz

They say knowledge is power to you. As such knowing cars in detail will help you close on a decision while it comes to owning one of them. Let’s explore Maruti Ciaz for example.

Points to ponder over Maruti Ciaz:

Like the two sides of a coin we find two aspects of looking at the car befitting your budget and convenience alongside others. Onus to mention, according to Dr. Philip Kotler there are 4Ps of marketing; namely product, price, place and promotion that are summarily responsible for the marketing success of any product. Maruti Ciaz is no exception!!!

Maruti Ciaz

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Maruti Ciaz:

  • The car comes under the sedan range of cars with premium styling, feel and equipment inside and aerodynamic design from outside.
  • The car is opulent in space and look. There are as many as 11 color variants befitting your aspirations and desires.
  • Ex-showroom price in Delhi is anywhere between INR 7.21 lac – INR 10.12 lac based on the model and color variant. Thus Maruti Ciaz offers value for your hard earned money.
  • It closely competes with Honda City and Hyundai Verna cars on a couple of parameters such as price, driving convenience, elegance and feel alongside fuel efficiency.
  • The car is best fit for both city ride as well as highway ride.
  • Maruti Ciaz is proposed to be the people’s car by choice.
  • Diesel variant is also available here.

Cons of Maruti Ciaz:

Here we find a couple things going haywire for Maruti Ciaz such as the following despite of all those attributes befitting the characteristics of a medium range sedan car.

  • The first and foremost drawback that calls for attention is its rear seat headrests that are non-adjustable. This becomes especially painful during the long hours of journey especially on highways. Passengers on the rear sit will never feel comfortable and may become restless.
  • Drivers often complain about the car for some reasons or the other based on their personal experiences; though they may NOT hold any good for you.
  • People sitting on rear seat can complain about its height for thigh support etc. based on their individual heights. As such you may NOT necessarily experience this!!!

Like the five fingers on our hand this car Maruti Ciaz offers some unique merits over its close competitors mentioned above. On the whole the car is backed by years of Maruti Suzuki’s standard and excellence. If you are still to own a sedan we recommend for trying your hand with this ahead of any other car of its class.

Wilson Smith is a professional content writer and SEO executive.